Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Morning's dawning appears earlier in the eastern skies these days. A visible sign that winter is easing it's way south of the equator. That time is waking up to spring's arrival.

Alexis is revelling in southern climes, her blog a tantalizing tease stirring wanderlust and a quest for endless beaches and warm summer breezes. I marvel at her vitality, her youth, her enthusiasm. She is growing. Expanding. Changing.

Ellie, my trustworthy pooch, is showing signs of arthritis. She slept on her bed in the living room last night. Her aching joints too sore to make the journey up or down into someone's bedroom. I've introduced glucosamine and other remedies into her diet and keep a watchful eye on her movements. She's slowing down. Moving into that time where life takes on a quieter hue.

Signs of spring. Signs of change.

The hands of time revolve. Time passes. Time moves on. Time changes. There's no stopping time.

And there's no stopping ageing.

Sometime ago, Alexis was giving me a 'make-over'. I was going to a party and she wanted to do my make-up. As she applied eye shadow she paused, looked at the tiny wrinkles on my eyelids and exclaimed, "Oh mummy. It must be so hard getting old!"


But I smile.

It isn't hard. It's just different. It's just change.

Part of life. Part of living.

The lines on my face aren't the measure of time's affect upon my body. They're simply the gentle easing of my physical boundaries into the world around me. The lines on my face are simply time's passing, time's moving on.

The real changes are within me. Deep down. Inside. Rooted in my soul. Bouyed up by my spirit that has expanded into its being all I'm meant to be when I live free of measuring time by how many tomorrow's I have to go until I get there.

I'm there. Right now. Right here. This is where I'm meant to be.

Thousands of miles away my eldest daughter is leaping into living life with abandon. She's expanding her soul, moving into her spirit and finding her joy.

Me. I sit right here. Right now and expand into the truth of who I am and where I am meant to be.

Living life at the edge of time, filling each moment with the joy of being all I'm meant to be.

The question is: Where in time are you? Living it up large today or counting the sleeps until you get to where you want to be someday, somewhere, somehow?


Anonymous said...

Taking small steps to making different choices in life is a process...sometimes it takes longer, when you fall down and struggle to regain your steps.

Yet it is a process in motion, always evolving, and slowly moving forward...well at least for today.

Anonymous said...

The link you have connected to Alexis' blog is not working, this error message comes up!

The blog you were looking for, doesn't exist but you can create it now!


M.L. Gallagher said...

Thanks BA -- my typo -- it should now be working -- if not, the actual link is: