Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blissful nothing

It is a luxurious Saturday. C.C. left early for a golf game. I stayed in bed and slept in -- a highly unusual and most welcome occasion for me!

Before he left he asked me what my plans were for the morning. I listed off about ten things I 'might' do, and then said, "And then, I may just stay in bed and relax."

So I did.

Sometimes, it's important to let go of the list of duties and lean into the listless leisure of lying in bed and letting thoughts drift through with effortless ease. Of letting my body relax back into sleep. Of dozing in and out of wakefulness, hearing the breeze whisper against the blinds, the coolness of morning wafting through the bedroom. No 'must dos', just a day of 'might dos'.

My kind of a Saturday. Blissfully floating on nothing but the wonder of the day unfolding of its own volition.

Which also means, this is a leisurely Saturday morning kind of post. No real purpose. No real need to explain, clarify, crystallize thoughts or meanings. No need to find that one perfect cogent thought that says, "Aha! Now I get it!"

Like Ellie's blissful puddle waddling, this morning is a day to relax. To let myself be. To let myself recoup and refresh from a very hectic, busy and stressful week. To let my mind stand-down and clear itself of ponderous thoughts that prodding me to 'think about it'. This isn't a morning to make sense of anything other. No need to order up direction. My position is supine. I'm into R&R!

The question is: What are you doing to refresh yourself? Are you giving yourself good medicine today?

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