Saturday, September 6, 2008

At One.

Lazy Saturday morning. Sun streams through my window, I wander through Internet sites -- seeking inspiration -- seeking knowledge -- seeking ideas.


We live our lives as seekers. Fortune and fame. Knowledge. Insight. Understanding. We seek. Sometimes we find what we're looking for. Sometimes we find the unexpected. Sometimes we find what we didn't know we were looking for. Always we seek.

This morning, while reading an article on Edgar Cayce, I discovered something I'd lost long ago -- which over the past few months I had begun to realize was missing but hadn't really felt the loss. It is one of the things I have struggled most to reclaim since the Conrad debacle -- my spirituality. Not my faith, or religion, but rather, my belief in the spiritual, in the mystical elements of the universe, in the Divine.

Awhile ago, when I was at Super Choices in Chase, BC, I touched upon the spiritual. I stood on the shore of the lake, my toes touching the ice cold water, thoughts drifting through my mind like a sail boat drifting lazily upon the water's surface. I felt connected. At one. Part of something larger, greater than, other than this physical plane upon which we exist.

I took a breath. Slow. Deep. Filling. And I felt peace. Absolute total serenity settle upon me.

That is the spiritual, the mystical, the Divine. That is living in the now, in the moment. In this space I'm in.

In the hustle and bustle of the city, it can be hard to feel at one. To feel the connection with the universe, the greatness of this planet upon which we live. And yet, it is always there. Always waiting. Always in existence. In our existence. In my life.

It just takes me to stop running and to sit quietly, at rest, at peace, at one with where I'm at.

The question is: Where are you at this morning? Where are you at peace?

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