Tuesday, September 30, 2008

International Passion Day

The ancient Greeks told a legend about the creation of the universe. One day, after creating the planet and all its beauty, the gods held a conference about what to give to their most wondrous creation, Man and Woman.

"We've given birds song. Ocean's fish. Trees leaves. Clouds rain. Flowers nectar. What shall we give man?" they asked eachother.

"Let's give man the same creative power we possess," one of the gods suggested. "But we must make sure he never uses it against us. Let's hide it so that only he who is willing to live up to the brilliance we gods have created in him is able to find it."

They wondered where to hide this priceless gift when one of the gods answered, "Let us hide it where man will never think to look for it: within his own mind."

On Sunday, at the HUB conference, a woman stood up to ask for help in making a vision come true. Based on the Inca goddess Pachimama, she wanted to get people together to focus on the goal of healing the planet. She wasn't really clear of her vision, wasn't sure of what help she was asking for but, in the course of her telling the group about the organization Pachamama and what it meant to her, tears formed in her eyes. Her words slowed down, her body stilled and she began to tell us about her connectedness to the earth, her wonder of its beauty and her awe of its power. By the time she was finished, several people had stood up to join her in her quest.

Janet Bray Attwood was in the audience listening. As people joined with the woman to support her vision, Janet said, "Isn't that beautiful. You aren't clear with your words yet about what you want, but people can hear your heart's desire as you told us about your vision and they resonated with its calling. The heart always knows. Now, you just have to give your mind time to catch up."

The heart always knows.

Within our minds are priceless gifts of wonder. Creative talents waiting to be explored. Unknown genius waiting to be unleashed.

The door to our mind's power is through our hearts. When we let our hearts guide us to our purpose, when we allow our hearts to open up to the incredible gifts we possess, our mind's unleash their amazing ability to create. We become open to receiving the gifts of the universe as we give up on our fear and give into our desire to live passionately on purpose.

Today is International Passion Day. I invite you to click on the link at the bottom of the page and watch the three minute video. Send it on to your friends. Create a stir. Awaken the passion.

Be passionate today about your life. Be passionate today in everything you do. Awaken to your brilliance. Awaken to your magnificence and share your gifts with the world.

The question is: Isn't it about time you got passionate with your life?

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Anonymous said...

Thank You for the encouraging words .I had to taketime out and the time I needed to take a good look at what I was doing with my life.I have gone back on the road of recovery,meaning I am starting again to regain and recover my spirit and inner child whom I forgot for a while.It only keeps me on the path to making me stronger and keep my head high.and above the negative thinking which almost got me reverting back to the booze.I am back at work and my partner and I have had open talks about our relationship.It can only take time to keep on working to make life easier for me by feeling good about me.I will keep on your site for help.