Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In all kinds of weather

Weather hits with its diverse elements and we respond accordingly. Rain. Umbrella. Snow. Hats, mittens and boots. When we feel warm, we remove layers. Cold, we add them.

We are constantly in a state of flux. Adding. Removing. Adjusting. Acclimatizing.

We understand external drives. Not always the internal ones. Those indescribable urges to hit and run, hide and seek, duck and dive, cry out loud, break down, break up, throw up, stand up, leap for joy.

Like the weather, our emotions are affected by forces beyond our control. Forces we often don't recognize or see as contributors to whatever we are feeling or experiencing in the moment.

Like me today. I am supposed to be presenting at a high school an hours drive from the city. I can't go. Spent most of the night struggling with a bug that has churned up discord in my stomach. Not feeling perky this morning.

I tell myself I should get in my car and drive. I tell myself I must. What will happen if I'm not there?

I breathe.

The world will continue without me. The program will adjust, accommodate to my absence. In fact, I've already spoken with the organizer and we have rearranged the schedule so that my segment of the program is on Thursday morning.

For today, I need to lay low. Lay off being 'out there', and give my body a chance to adjust its equilibrium inside.

I am not 'sick'. I am experiencing a low front moving through. The discord comes when the low meets the high of my normal [preferred] existence and I resist the counterpoint of its inclement weather.

In every state of being there is the counterbalance, the shadow side that must be reckoned with, factored in, balanced out.

Today, I am not a '10'. Maybe a 3 or a 4. I'm okay with that. Because, I shall be the best 3 or 4 I can be. I shall give myself the medicine I need to let my body ebb into adjusting to the inclement weather within so that the discord in my state of being does not disrupt my peace of mind. I shall breathe calmly into knowing that in its passing, the skies will clear and I will experience clear sailing again.

I am not the ebb and flow of my emotions nor the yin and yang of my being. I am all of my emotions, all of my being. The tide is ebbing out. It will ebb in again. How I weather this storm will determine my passage through the day. It's up to me to let the ebb tide flow freely with the moon's calling to pull away from the shore.

Sheltered in my peace of mind, at ease with my being, I adjust my expectations, set my sails and confidently navigate the churning waters of stormy weather knowing calm seas and blue skies will return. I let my being recharge on the ions of the air around me as I give way to the weather and give into being at ease with my being where I'm at.

Weather always is. How I navigate it is up to me.

The question is: When internal discord creates inclement weather in your being do you adjust accordingly? Do you resist or wrap yourself in tender loving care?

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