Sunday, December 28, 2008


Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow. Mary Anne Radmacher
It is snowing this morning. Large fluffy flakes drift down from a laden sky wrapping the earth in a padded white cocoon, soft as a baby's breath upon my neck. The streets are quiet. Sounds are muffled, like being inside a giant marshmallow. It is a beautiful morning.

In the quiet of dawn's awakening, I reflect upon the past year and count my blessings. They are many. In my world, all is well. I know love, peace and harmony. I know fulfillment, of living my dreams, of creating more of what I want in my life. I know the joy of being at one with another human being, of being in love with another spirit walking beside me. I know the peace of watching my daughters spread their wings and fly free. I know the harmony of spirits resonating to the beauty of their true selves awakening, no matter where they are in this world, knowing they can find their way home again.

In moments of discord, I breathe deeply and restore my balance with love. Love of myself. Love of those around me. Love of this planet upon which we orbit around the sun, forever in balance with the axis upon which we turn each day.

In reflecting back, I see the growth, the changes, the expansion of all that I am meant to be as I become ever more fearless in living this one wild and precious life passionately in love with all of me, Beauty and the Beast.

In reflecting back, I know the places I've been are nothing compared to the places I'll go as I loosen the tethers that bind me to the past, and keep me from leaping free, soaring into the void and flying higher than I ever imagined.

In reflecting back, I know that if I stumbled today, I can still live my best day yet by loving each moment I'm in.

In reflecting back, I know now is the best I've been, and better is always possible tomorrow.

In standing still in this moment, I surrender and fall in love with all I am, all I am meant to be and all I will become in my spirit's dance to know the meaning of life on earth.

May you know the joy of this moment. May your wings spread far and wide, may you soar higher than you ever imagined as you leap into the unknown, your courage high, your confidence billowing out around you as you fly free of your fears into the joy of being all you're meant to be living your best day yet!


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