Saturday, December 27, 2008

Resolution or Disillusion?

Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self-assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and, ultimately, reinforces humility. Breaking them is part of the cycle. Eric Zorn
It is that time of year once again. Endings and beginnings. Fresh starts and new possibilities. New hopes. New sights. New expectations. And along with shepherding in the New Year with glitz and glamour, or quiet and solitude, there are the inevitable, New Year's Resolutions.

20th Century, editor and writer, Ambrose Bierce, in The Devil's Dictionary, defined Predilection as, "n. The preparatory stage of disillusion."

In the past, I had a prediction every January 1, to disillusion myself of my ability to keep my resolutions. This year, my I am determined to be more successful in resolution and less inclined towards my predilection to disillusion my resolutions with the cynicism of my belief, 'I'll make the resolution and never keep it'. I have a memory box full of resolutions I never kept, of disillusionments I latched through my predilection to make the resolution without any heart, without any belief I would keep it. (Whew! Now that's a mouthful!)

Not because my resolutions weren't worth keeping. They were. Lose 10 pounds. Write a new book. Drink less wine. Workout every day. Those were all worthwhile resolutions -- but they didn't speak to the heart of my resolve to be my most magnificent self, to be the most divine human being I can be -- living the life of my dreams, being all that I am meant to be when I live from the core of my spirit's desire to manifest love in human being.

So, rather than create a three page list of things I resolve to do this year, I will be making a different kind of resolution. A resolution that is sparked by my spiritual being's desire to know its one true self, to embrace all that is beauty and the beast within me.

This year, rather than create a "List of 10 things I plan on doing in January so that I can break them in February (or by the third of January as the case may be)", I will commit to my resolution, "To meditate on one word a month". Not just any old word, but a word with divine relevance for me. A word that embraces me and adds meaning to my spiritual journey on earth. A word that deepens the divine values of my life as it creates a heartsong that resonates throughout my being.

Words like, humility, unconditional love, inner peace, joy, gratitude, respect, forgiveness, awareness, healing, alignment, knowing, honesty, integrity.

My commitment is to meditate each morning on one word for the entire month, and to journal about that word every morning.

I've had enough of focusing on the outer resolutions to be better, do better, have more, create more, to maximize my undertakings, minimize my output. This year, my resolution journeys inward, to the soul of my being all that I am meant to be.

From time to time, I will write here about my discernment, about how my meditation aligns with my being my one true self. I will be exploring the divine feeling within each word and how it has strengthened my resolve to give up old patterns and beliefs as I move towards creating harmony throughout my world.

I'm looking forward to this year's resolution. It will be a journey of a lifetime. A voyage into the beauty and wonder of my spirit's human being.

I invite everyone to take this journey with me. To join together as we delve into the divine feelings of being at peace with who we are in a world of wonder and joy.

The question is: Are you willing to resolve to be your most magnificent self? Are you excited about your spirit-led journey here on earth?


Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas L,
I think your idea of meditating on one word at a time is a fantastic one and I am adopting it as well for 2009. I have a few more words to add to your list; hope, faith, self-worth, encouragement, truth-speaking, journey, soul-music, discernment. I am thankful for your encouraging spirit in my life.
Love K

M.L. Gallagher said...

Thanks K!

I love the words you've added.

Thank you.