Thursday, August 6, 2009

In the moment of now

The past does not define you, the present does. Jillian Michaels
...and the present is always dependent upon what I make of it, how I respond to what is happening in and around my life and how I deal with the 'stuff' of daily living.

I was at the Cast Clinic this morning to have my stitches out and the cast put on my foot. Okay, so, it's a pretty purple thing -- and did I mention it hurt? I hadn't eaten breakfast and almost passed out when the technician took out the final threads. They were embedded and man, did that hurt. C.C. teased me and called me a baby. I contemplated hitting him with my newly encased in plaster foot, but worried it might hurt me more than him!

In the past, I was always defining myself by what other people thought of me.

As a wise friend wrote to me yesterday, " appears to me that the flaw is that she is choosing to look for love in all the wrong places. Shouldn't she love herself first then nothing and no one doesn't matter."


It is what I struggle with everyday. To love myself enough to be me in all kinds of weather, regardless of storms blowing around me or earth moving beneath my feet. To stay grounded in my truth without losing myself in someone else's embrace. The truth is: I am one magnificent human being on the journey of my lifetime, in love with being who I am, beauty and the beast living contentedly within me.

Today is a day of rest. Of laying low, as my doctor called it to give myself the space to heal.

One thing about all this time on my hands, I've got lots of time to surrender and fall in love in the moment of now.

And that's what I'm going to do, right now, in this moment. Be in love with who I am and how I am right now.



S L M Moss said...

I hope you enjoyed your day of rest. I pray your purple foot heals quickly in its cast and you remember to remind yourself that it is good to love yourself, no matter what.

Looking forward to talking to you soon. :)

God bless you as you heal! Hugs & beans!!

M.L. Gallagher said...

Thanks Sarah!

My foot feels better already!

Give me a call when you get a break from your busy day.