Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reality Is what I make it

May the gates to possibility continue swinging wide open for you. Brendon Burchard
I watched a webinar yesterday by Brendon Bouchard, founder of Experts Academy. It was enlightening and inspiring. One of the things he said, which resonated with me, was why he does what he does. Why he feels it's important to educate and inspire others to become experts in the coaching/speaking/teaching arena -- It's not just about making money, he said. It's about being of service. Of sincerely wanting to make a difference in the world, no matter how small or great.

Later, I watched Forever Strong. The movie was recommended by Brian Willis at Winning Mind Training. And I concur with Brian's thoughts about this film. It is well worth watching.

That's the thing about having time to refresh and restore. I have the time and the space to learn and watch and read and grow.

In the busy busy of daily living, I have been remiss in letting slide my efforts to keep learning, to keep acquiring new knowledge and to keep deepening the knowledge I have. In his webinar, Brandon Burchard compared it to digging a hole looking for gold. Most people, he opines, dig a bit, find nothing, and move on to another hole. People who want to learn and perfect their skills and knowledge, keep digging until there's nothing left of the hole to dig. They keep deepening their understanding of what's in the ground, bringing up the dirt to reveal the 'truth' of what they've found.

The gold isn't in the dirt. The gold is in what we make of what we dig up.

Life's a dirty business. Get digging.

After watching the webinar and then the movie, I started thinking about, reality. What is it? What do I make of it? How do I make it work for me?

See, there's all sorts of positions on reality -- mine, yours, and everyone else's. Lots of perspectives, and lots of stories on why it is the way it is and why it keeps us from having the life of our dreams.

Reality is -- it is what we make it.

Lying here with my foot up in a cast, watching the birds flutter about the birdfeeder, reality is, I am not free to just get up and go out and do the things I want to do. Reality is also, I am free to do the things I want to do right here. To delve into learning more, deepening my understanding of what it is I can do to bring light into the world, to be of service, to create a world of possibilities where dreams come true because each and everyone of us has learned the truth of who we are -- magnificent human beings on the journey of our lifetime. Miracles of life creating a world of joy and wonder.

It is a gloomy day outside, but inside I am alight with energy and hope and love. The best way to be, no matter the weather.

The question is: How are you lighting up your day? Are you walking freely through open doors embracing possibility?

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