Friday, January 22, 2010

In the rhythm of life

What you can plan is too small for you to live. David Whyte

Liseanne is off in the universe. She's in London now (I trust). Maybe sleeping. Probably not. Erika, one of my 'other' daughters met her at the airport, (I trust) and they have taken off to see the sights. Erika went through Junior high and High School with Alexis. She's a delightful young woman who, after graduating with a degree in Journalism, is making a life for herself in London. She used to come to the house and sleep over and all I could hear was laughter and giggles from the living room as the three girls flipped through magazines, painted each other's toe nails weird and wacky colours and talked about boys and life and what's going on in their world.

And now, she's squiring Lele (Liseanne's nickname) around London. It's pretty exciting. And I am trusting in the Universe to be a welcoming place, to love and cherish my baby girl, to treat her with care.

There is no 'plan' on how to 'survive' my daughter's adventure. No book of "Twelve steps to survive your daughter's travels through Europe." There is just LIFE and how can I have a plan for her life? That's not my job.

My job is to trust -- in her and the universe. I have great hope. Great excitement and a deep abiding trust that she is exactly where she's meant to be, doing exactly what she's meant to do. It is the way of the world. The way of loving without fear. The way of finding the new rhythm of life with Lele out there in a world of adventure, experiencing life on her terms.

John O'Donohue writes in Anam Cara:

"Spirituality is the art of transfiguration. we should not force ourselves to change by hammering our lives into any pre-determined shape. We do not need to operate according to the idea of a predetermined program or plan for our lives. Rather, we need to practice a new art of attention to the inner rhythm of our days and lives...If you work with a different rhythm , you will come easily and naturally home to yourself. your soul knows the geography of your own destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future, therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself... If you attend to yourself and seek to come into your presence, you will find exactly the right rhythm for your life."

Lele is off on an adventure. The future is yet to unfold. For the moment, she is... in the moment. Loving life. Loving her adventure. Loving the world unfolding around her.

For the moment, I am... in the moment. Loving life. Loving my adventure. Loving the world unfolding around me.

We are both supported by this Universe, at One with and within the Divine. Where we are in our separate journeys is a testament of our diverse experiences, our age and our place in this world. She is just setting off. Just stepping onto the world stage to find her place as a young woman.

I am just setting off into today. Finding my place in this stage of my life where being at One with the Divine, practicing the art of paying attention to the inner rhythm of my days, brings me home to myself.

I like that thought. Like the idea that my soul knows my future. All I have to do is trust my inner knowing, listen to my inner truth and I will find myself exactly where I am meant to be. I will find myself in exactly the right rhythm with my life.

The question is: Are you trying to force yourself into another step just to get them all in? Or, are you paying attention to the rhythm of your day, finding yourself easily coming in step with your spirit calling you home?


Joyce Wycoff said...

"Rather, we need to practice a new art of attention to the inner rhythm of our days and lives ..."

Wow! Did I need to hear this. Thank you so much for your post today ... may we both listen more intently.

Anonymous said...


I like the piece; with a little re-structuring, I'd like to post it as tomorrow's feature on 360boom I'll do that

well done


M.L. Gallagher said...

thanks Mark -- looks good.

Joyce, I was at the shelter today to give a presentation to a group of University students. I invited one of the artists from the studio to come in and talk about his journey.

One of the things he said was, ...sometimes the noise in this place makes it impossible for me to hear. I mean really hear. When I realize I've tuned out, I have to close my eyes, and listen. Really really listen. It's almost as if to hear I have to shut down my other senses.

sometimes, I feel (this is me now), that to really hear my inner wisdom, to feel my rhythym, I have to close my eyes, take a deep breathe and ask myself, Where am I? And then, I have to quit turning my thoughts over in my mind, and simply listen to my heart speaking.