Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love will never let you down.

Just because something looks like fate, doesn't mean it is. It may just be coincidence dressed up in destiny’s clothes. Alexis McDonald
She's only 23 but her wisdom runs deep. Like a river. Ever flowing towards the sea. "Water doesn't run backwards," she once wrote. And she's right.

Alexis is my eldest daughter. Beautiful. Loving. Wise. Insightful. And oh so talented. She lives a thousand miles away. I miss her. I can't unravel the miles. Can't unravel time either. What I can unravel is the sadness of missing her.

No matter where she is, she is always in my heart. Always part of me. No matter where we are, we are always connected through the Love that surrounds and sets us free to travel through this world without fearing the push of time's need to pull us back to safety. We are at home in each other's hearts, no matter where we are. We don't need time to pull us back to safety. We only need love.

This morning, time is pushing me ever forward to tomorrow when my youngest daughter, Liseanne, leaves for an eight month journey. She's off to the Netherlands for a semester at university and then three months travelling.

Friends keep asking, "How are you handling Liseanne's pending departure. You must be pretty anxious."

"I'm not thinking about when she's gone, yet. I'm focusing on today so that I can enjoy every moment before she goes. I've got lots of time to miss her once she's gone."

And now, time of departure is edging closer. Today, I'm meeting her for a late lunch. We'll do some banking, park her car in the garage for storage. Organize a few things and then chat over lunch about life and living and adventure and all that is transpiring in her life today.

It's pretty exciting. This young woman whose nickname as a child was "Ghee!" because she laughed so gleefully over the tiniest things. This beautiful woman who as a child loved to travel with a hundred stuffed Beanie Babies in the car surrounding her, who on every flight carried her "Polie" where ever she went and who still sleeps with 'Blankie' under her pillow. Who every Easter Sunday when we were in Vancouver, dressed up in Bunnie ears, bought a basket of foil wrapped chocolates and would traipse around Granville Island Market giving away Easter Eggs because she liked the fact she could bring smiles to people's faces. Who at lunch in a restaurant downtown one day, took paper serviettes and created a beautiful headpiece (okay so it wasn't so beautiful and she was egged on by her sister and friend) and then walked down the Avenue in front of us dancing and waving at passers-by, just because she knew it would make them smile. This young woman who when she danced made my heart ache. The gracefulness of her arms. The lissomness of her body. Her fluid motions. She was poetry in motion. A breath of fresh air. A song on the wings of love.

She is going away. Off on an adventure. Off to see the big wide world beyond the borders of her home.

It is a big adventure. She leaves tomorrow at 1:30pm in the afternoon. She's off to learn and grow and leap and soar.

How can I be sad?

I have spent her lifetime building a foundation of love upon which she can stand, no matter where in the world she is.

For no matter where she roams on this great big amazing ball spinning through space, she will always be grounded in the love that roots her in my heart. She will always stand firm on the love that courses through every fibre of her body.

She is a gift. Her flight is a miracle to witness, a beautiful present of life and love and living free.

She leaves tomorrow.

Today, I have time for love and laughter. A couple of tears and lots of smiles. A few more moments to breathe in the incredible essence of this young woman who is strong enough to know, when she shares her beauty and her heart without fear, she has nothing to lose for she is holding onto nothing but Love and Love will never let her down.


Joyce Wycoff said...

Louise ... what beautiful young women ... what a beautiful family. Of course you miss them but you've launched them so well.

Anonymous said...

I know that your heart must be "paining" as our French relatives would say but knowing that you have a solid relationship with the girls must be gratifying. As their Auntie Jackie, I feel as though all of our lives are changing as life continues to stop for no one..."the moving hand writ and having writ moves on". Alexis and Liseanne are finding their own path (as we all did) and as they do we will be steadfast in our support and love. We have become the older generation and that is, as it should be. We send them with love and with the knowledge that we will always be here for them. Live peacefully with the fact that you are such a good Mom and have taught them well.
Love you forever, Jackie

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow... cool, how exciting! Liseanne, spread your lovely wings and fly! You will enjoy Netherlands and beyond, it is going to be an amazing journey for you, the first of many! Look forward to following your studies and adventures thru Louise. Live, love and laugh as you do so well! Much love and happy safe travels!, BA

Maureen said...

Gorgeous daughters! You epitomize the phrase Joyce posted today: "In my heart I am beautiful for you".

"You nurtured and fostered this space" where love gathers intensity and never can be erased (to paraphrase O'Donohue).

Anonymous said...

I'm going to take good care of her when she's over here Louise!

Can't wait to have someone from my extended family in London!


M.L. Gallagher said...

Thanks my lovely other daughter. I know she'll be safe with you -- and that she'll have fun!

Hugs to you -- give her a big kiss when you see her.

You're other mother!