Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dog antics and Pancake Breakfasts

I'm spending the weekend visiting with a girlfriend at their house in the country. Her husband is away on a course and so Ellie and I have come to relax and refresh, surrounded by rolling hills, green valleys and wild flowers blowing in the gentle breezes of summer.

Of course Ellie, the wonder pooch, is in heaven. Acres to roam. Another dog to terrorize. Cows to bark at. Gophers to chase and Magpies to attempt to catch. I love watching the Magpies taunt her. They'll land on the ground in front of her. Stand and peer cockily at her. She crouches. Lowers her head to the ground. Tenses up her body. The Magpie hops. Once. Twice. And suddenly, Ellie is off in pursuit. The Magpie flips her the wing. Rises into the air and lands on a tree branch just out of reach of her head. Ellie jumps up, vainly trying to gain enough height to reach the cawing irritant laughing at her in the tree. The Magpie doesn't move. He knows he's gone just high enough to be safe. Ellie, tiring of the game, walks off in disgust. The Magpie waits just the right amount of time, lands in front of her and the cycle is repeated.

For some reason, Ellie has not yet, in all her nine years, figured out they're just teasing her into pursuit for the sake of pursuit. Or, perhaps, she does know and just enjoys the game.

She loves it out here -- even though she has to share the 'space' with my girlfriend's beautiful Doodle Retriever, Chester.

Chester is only one and a half. A loopy, gangly, lovingly adoring and very large, blond puppy who has the most doleful eyes and loving ways. He cannot quite understand why Ellie wants all the attention.

And she does. Want all the attention.

It is amazing watching her antics. She is 'alpha'. She is possessive. She is insecure. She is submissive. She is loving and caring and really really sucky when she wants her way. If one of us is petting Chester, she is immediately in the mix, sticking her head into your hand, rubbing up against your body, saying, 'what about me? what about me?

Hmmmmm...... I wonder where she learned these things?

We're off to a giant Pancake Breakfast at a Saskatoon Berry Farm -- flapjacks, sausages and C&W in the mornin'!

What could be better?

Oh, let me think about that. Well.... Vivaldi. A fruit shake. Meditative time. ...

No Seriously. Country PBs are fun!

See you tomorrow.

Have a wonder filled day.



Maureen said...

Glad you are having so much fun this week. Have a great time with your friend.


Anonymous said...

play time! yea!

Brandi said...

Sounds wonderful!
Your Ellie / magpie story made me laugh out loud...those birds are so tricky, and they know it! I used to have budgies and a cockatiel, so I know that their small size determines nothing about their big personalities and all the mischief they can get into :)
Enjoy your time away!