Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Pleasantly UNdisturbed Thursday

I like to believe a person isn't defined by how big a splash he makes in the world, but by the laughter preceding the cannonball. Duane Scott

Over at Duane Scott's place there's a regular Thursday happening called, Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays. Random thoughts of random thinking from not so random people. My friend Glynn @ Faith, Fiction, Friends contributes regularly as does nAncY @ Poems and Prayers.

So, I thought, why not get down and get random on this glorious Thursday? I mean, seriously, random thinking is my forte. I can jump from thinking about the meaning of life being too big to understand to feeling like the meaning of life is all wrapped up in the blink of a cat's eye or the wag of a dog's tail.

Last night, as Ellie and I wandered along a ridge over looking a river valley, life's meaning was encompassed in the stillness of dusk's quiet glow descending upon the mountains to the west. Caught on the serrated edges of their spine slicing heaven from earth, billowy clouds rose in pink and purple froth from their peaks, pushing back dusk's descending gloom like smoke escaping from a chimney stack in the dead cold heat of winter escaping the warmth of the hearth below.

The world was encased in serenity and I was at peace in the moment. I walked along the ridge as Ellie gamboled joyfully in the long grasses, sniffing out gophers and ants and honeybees who buzzed continuously amidst the wildflowers blooming all around us. Fireweed. Indian Paintbrush. Brown-eyed Suzies. Queen Anne's Lace. Purple vetch. Bluebells rioted in gaily coloured disarray brushing up against green prairie grasses tipped with golden fronds standing still in the sultry evening air.

How could the meaning of life be anything more than the perfection of that moment wandering along a ridge in the quiet of the evening? The river lazily drifted its course below. A hawk glided on a breath of air. The cerulean sky lay exposed above me dotted with fluffy white clouds speckled with pinks and blues and dark splotches of purples as they dipped further and further to the west. I stopped and looked up, way way up and the clouds weren't moving overhead.

The world was still and silent.

I held my breath and in that moment I felt the earth move beneath my feet, I felt my heart beat within my chest and I knew peace. Time. Distance. Pain. Fear. Sorrow. Joy. Laughter. Smiles. Happiness. Love. All of it disappeared into one transcendent moment and all that was left was me standing in this one precious moment in awe of the magnificence of life all around me.

Above me, blue sky dotted with cloud.

To the west, billowy darkness descending upon the peaks.

And all around me, the effortless grace of being right where I was.

So, not so random thoughts. Not so pleasantly disturbed thinking just pleasantly realizing here I am right where I am meant to be. .

Sitting here, right now at my desk, looking out at morning's glory unveiling the light of day, letting my fingers fly across the keyboard, letting the thoughts and images and words flow outward from my fingertips onto the computer screen, I know..


in this moment

is exactly

where it is


to be.

And I'm not so disturbed. Just pleasantly undisturbed. And boy, for me, that can be a relief!

Have an amazing day being right where you are, breathing into the moment of being right where you're meant to be in your life unfolding in grace.



Anonymous said...


ah yes .... the day that begins without trouble or worry, a stressless view of optimism

thanks, for a spoonful of that to sprinkle on life's cornflakes

I'm downbeat this morning - a friend's bad news and a scary diagnosis

your words lift me - as I hope to lift my friend with words of hope and wonder and optimism

life's a balance

we get a bit of everything in our day whether our outlook is rosy or not ... so, might as well start out with a rosy outlook !



S. Etole said...

unfolding in grace ... yes ... so much beauty in those words

Maureen said...

It's fun to think that maybe He did a bit of experimenting with random just to show us He didn't forget anything.


Glynn said...

Undisturbed is good. Very good.

n. davis rosback said...

thank you for this wonderful story and the kind words at the end.

it is cool that you joined-in on the thrusday writing.

Sandra Heska King said...

Undisturbed by the undisturbed. Lovely. Peaceful.