Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tehcnology break

It is a beautiful Saturday morning and I am off to play.

Like my friend Glynn over at Faith, Fiction, Friends, I've decided to take technology breaks on the weekend.

So.... no blog today.

C.C. and I have committed to doing things differently together and one of those things is to spend more quality time together on weekends.

Hugs to all. have a great weekend.



Maureen said...

Good for you two!

Jim and I are going to a play tonight and going on the Rappahannock region art studio crawl tomorrow. It's cold but so what. We'll be together.


S. Etole said...

And a great weekend to you as well.

Brandi said...

Hugs to you too sweetie!! Happy for you :) :)

Jingle Poetry said...

have fun!
you deserve the best.

Jingle Poetry said...

How are you, friend?

Glad to land on your exciting poetry land here.

Welcome linking in 1-3 poems to our potluck today, Thanks in advance!

Some awards will be assigned upon participation.