Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where Sky Meets Sea (A Poem)

I know. I know. I'm not supposed to be blogging today. And I'm not. honest.


I stopped over at One Shot Poetry today and found a wonderful interview with Andy Illachinski and some of his photographs and, a Sunday Poetry Prompt. I took a look at Andy's blog (which is pretty awesome) and well, one thing lead to another and lo! I wrote a poem. And as One Shot Poetry is all about sharing what you wrote in response to the photo prompt, I've posted it. To read the interview and to find the links to other poets responses, click on over to One Shot Poetry -- be prepared to be awed!

Skies of Skye

Photo by
Andy Illachinski
Courtesy of One Stop Poetry

Where Sky meets Sea

Louise Gallagher

Sky meets sea
beyond that place
where I
at land’s end
for my ship
to sail in
for my love
to find me
for my destiny
to meet me
where I
at land’s end
of that place
where sky meets sea.


Anonymous said...

splendid poem. how i long i could stand there and wait for my ship too.


Claudia said...

quite a magic place where the sky meets the sea..a lovely poem louise!

Maureen said...

Great to see your inspiration take form in this poem.

Am heading out for open studios tour in the mountains today but may try my hand at this later this evening.

Have a wonderful day. Hugs.

n. davis rosback said...

where does the sea stop and the sky begin? it kind of all flows together.

Reflections said...

Great inspiration was drawn from this image, shared here in beautiful words.

Melissa Campbell said...

What a beautiful place to wait... I love your poem! Blessings!

Chris G. said...

A delightful place, and splendidly rendered in response to the prompt. So much of the world is waiting...

Gigi Ann said...

Yes, the sea ends and I hope her destiny comes to meet her. Very moving poem.

Shan said...

Great that you used the whole image in so few words. Really enjoyed the read. Thank you!

Pete Marshall said...

i am glad you stopped over and took the challenge...a beautifully written piece...meant a little bit more to me because of the words "Lands End" which reminds me so much of cornwall...cheers Pete

dustus said...

The waiting repetition and way the titles comes around at the end of the poem works very well with the image. Very emotional too.

libithina said...

lovely take ~ at one merges sky with thought ~ lib

ilachina said...

Simply beautiful! It does a photographer's heart proud to know that a humble image has inspired such lovely, moving words and additional visions (of the soul). Thank you for taking the time.

Marcus Goodyear said...

I like the way this poem loops back on itself. It reminds me a bit of the form Karen An-Hwei Lee uses in "Dream of Ink Brush Calligraphy" uses in the Nov. issue of Poetry.

hedgewitch said...

Know what you mean about having to write to this photo--I jumped in the shower after stopping by One Stop this AM and suddenly my head was full of words.

Like the way you presented your thoughts in the same minimalist way as the monotones in the photo.

And thanks for your comments at my site.

Jingle Poetry said...

vivid word painting,
love the simple style.

S. Etole said...

I like the loop and the journey in between ...