Friday, March 4, 2011

It's a great day out there. What are you waiting for?

Restless nights and early morning meetings all add up to bleary eyes and foggy thinking.

But not foggy enough to not know, it's still cold outside! :)

I was kinda' waiting for divine intervention to come and blow the cold weather away, 'cause believe me, it's all anyone is talking about.

The news is filled with stories of irritated citizens and frozen pipes bursting spilling residents into the streets. And the shelter where I work... well, it's filled with irritable clients and stressed out staff.

That's the challenge of cold weather. People get stuck indoors and are loathe to venture out. Crowded quarters make for crowded minds filled with thoughts that keep rolling around about how 'bad' they've got it.

And baby, when it's this cold outside, it can be real bad inside!

No matter the weather, though, I am responsible for my outlook.

And today, despite my foggy thinking or maybe because of it, my outlook is for blue skies and clear sailing.

Have a meeting all morning to work on the book we're publishing in honour of our 50th Anniversary as an agency.

And I'm excited.

The book is coming together really well and promises to be a beautiful publication, a tribute to the agency and to those of us working on putting it together.

yup. I'm excited.

and being excited to face my day is so much better than the alternative of dreading the day ahead.

I may not be able to do anything about the weather outside, but I have all the control in the world on my internal temperature. On my outlook.

And today, my outlook is shining. It's filled with possibility and anticipation for a great day.

It's quite simple really. In thinking about my day, I ask myself, What kind of day do I want to create? The answer is a reflection of my temperature, my mood, my belief in my ability to create more of what I want by doing more of what creates what I want in my life. And I choose, today to create a day of joy and fascination. A day where I am giving my best and creating a ripple of harmony where ever I go.

That's me. Gotta run. Early morning meeting can't wait. The fog is lifting and I'm seeing the day through clear eyes.

It's a great day out there just waiting for me to greet it!

Hope yours is a great one too!



Melissa said...

Good Morning, you. When that divine intervention comes your way, let me know. It's coming your way before it's coming mine. The when is spring coming emails are coming fast and furious. Should send you one. This book sounds beautiful. Wishing you inspiration, and a lovely day, warm and full, and a weekend of the same. Cheers, M

Maureen said...

Looking forward to learning more about the book!

Have a wonderful (and warm) weekend.

S. Etole said...

Thanks for spilling joy on our day!!!

Brandi said...

Good for you, you cute little ray of sunshine!

Will the book be available for purchase once it's completed?

Sandra Heska King said...

"Crowded quarters make for crowded minds filled with thoughts."

So true! Going to spend a little time today uncrowding my quarters--again.

trisha said...

half of the day depends on our way of looking at it, doesnot it?