Saturday, March 12, 2011

Love never left.

She is angry, this woman of exquisite beauty and gentle heart. This child who was born of a mother's body on a day that lives forever as a miracle of life. This child who came fighting and screaming into the world, connected through a tube of life-giving sustenance that was severed at birth. Limbs freed. Body cut with a single slice from the cord that fed her for those nine months where she lay captive in the womb of her creation. Thrust into this world where she fought against the air breathing against her skin, the sun beating against her flesh.

There is no source to the anger. No "You did this and thus, I react so," reason. Hormones out of whack. A subterranean disquiet that surfaces when stars and moon misaligned like two tectonic plates grinding off the coast of Japan.

Sometimes, there is no reason for anger other than its need to be expressed. To be released. To be heard.

And in its expression there is and always will be, Love.

Even when its after-shock creates ripples of heat emanating from our bodies, that scorch and burn and thrust into the heart of those who love us. Even in our unquenchable thirst to suck dry the well of love, to prove to ourselves, for no other reason than we can, that we are undeserving, unworthy of that which has been bestowed upon us through the very act of birth. There is and always will be Love.

There is no disproving Love.

There is no killing of its essence. No tearing apart of its core. No ripping into shreds the fabric of its being all there is to Life. For no matter what weapon we pick up, what daggers we hurl or bullets we shoot, Love is always there. Love is always present, even in our darkest hour. Even at the moment of our death. Love is and always will be, present.

Love that endures, all our efforts to break it apart. To shatter it into a thousand pieces of proof, testifying to the lie we hold onto for fear the truth stored in a kernel of hope at the core of our existence will never be proved; we are worthy.

Accept it. It is true. We are worthy. We are Love.

There is no burning love. There is no destroying it. Converting it. Subverting it. There is no death to love.

Anger can be destroyed.

Fear can be subverted.

Lack of faith can be converted.

And love cannot die.

There is no end to love.

No matter how hard we fight to end it.

There is no end to love.

Love lives, always, and forever.

Such is Love.

No matter how hard we try to walk away, to sever the ties that bind us, there is no going back to a place we never left.

We are born in Love. Created through an act of unifying love that created all the world around us. There is no returning to the womb. No going back to that place where we were immersed in the mystery and the mysticism of our creation.

We cannot return to the womb. We cannot return to Love. We never left. And love never left us.

Never will.

This We Have Now (Coleman Barks and David Darling) from Integral Life on Vimeo.


trisha said...

you are so true. love is immortal.


Anonymous said...

i thank God for His Love
always and forever
it shines

Anonymous said...


early morning pour
suggests so much more
than you've felt before
no need to disguise it anymore

your pain
is gain

he won't
she won't

so, what are you to do?

change you?

haven't you been trying to do so much of that though?

accept you for you

nothing else

no one else

just you

you are beautiful

you are the LOVE you speak of

everyone else is just everyone else

your control of them is, as it always has been, zero

have a wonderful sunny Saturday,


JTS said...

This is beautiful! I feel so strongly about the power of love and it's infinite supply. I know you are right, love never dies. It was, it is, it always will be, no matter how hard at times we deny it.

Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks everyone -- and Mark -- this line

your pain
is your


I am loving this beautiful... and warm.. sunny day!


thelmaz said...

What a beautiful post, and so true. Thank you.

mi3centsworth said...

i guess i needed to see this...i am trying to fall out of love, but it won't let me. love is forever and it won't let go.

Ruth said...

It's like fire. I was thinking about Love yesterday too, like Light, Life.

I had the great joy to hear Coleman Barks perform Rumi, this and many other poems, while accompanied by David Darling and Glen Velez. The rhythm, cadence, words, were overwhelming in beauty. Barks' voice, as you hear, is jsut perfect for these translations he did.

If you're interested, I made a post about it:

Anonymous said...

your column is today's feature on .... twice in one week! good work


Louise Gallagher said...

thank you Thelma -- I am glad my words resonated with your beautiful heart.

mi3cents -- I think falling out of love is one of the more painful things I ever tried to do.

Mark! Thanks so much!

Louise Gallagher said...

ruth -- I'm envious -- I read your post

and I thought it was last night and I was soooo envious :)

and so grateful to share that evening with you -- even though I thought it was just last night -- see, it lives on!

Cheers and thanks everyone.

mi3centsworth said...

Louise, yep, sometimes life creates situations where it's easy to move on, but then there are instances when you want to move on before the time is up. Love is truly binding and sometimes you just have to break free and deal with the wound that is left. I just had a book published titled, Fed Up's full of love gone wrong poems. If anyone is interested,you can order it from under the title, Fed Up Woman.

Louise Gallagher said...

Oh mi3cents -- how exciting! YOur book -- I'll be checking it out! Well done!

S. Etole said...

I am reminded of 1 Cor. 13 ... and a love that is greater than ours.