Friday, May 6, 2011

Beautiful. Brilliant. Being.

You may remember Terry. I've written of him several times since before Christmas. We went horse-back riding together and he was the recipient of the Christmas WishList gift of a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras at Christmas. And then, he couldn't go as the cancer eating at his body progressed and his health deteriorated.

He's back in hospital -- and it's okay. It's a good thing. They're getting his pain medication stabilized so that he can be comfortable.

What is amazing about Terry's story are the people who have come into his life since his story became public. Terry has asked to die at the shelter. He doesn't want to go to hospital. He doesn't want to be in a hospice. He wants to be in the shelter, surrounded by people he knows.

A few weeks ago, Sean Meyers of the Calgary Herald, wrote a story about Terry. From that story, Terry's brother found him -- a brother he hadn't seen in 34 years. It's been amazing.

Yesterday, Sean called me to say Hi and to ask about Terry. He wasn't calling for anything other than to know how Terry was doing.

Later that evening, I spoke with Terry's brother's wife. They've come to Calgary to visit. Like her husband, Bev hasn't seen Terry for 34 years. It was Bev who called me three weeks ago after Sean's story was sent to to them by her sister who lives in Calgary.

Since then, Larry, Terry's brother, has visited twice and now, for the third time driven many hours to be here, along with Bev and their two foster children.

And that's where the story becomes so incredible.

This is not just a couple who 'take in' foster children. Bev and Larry take in children whose physical/emotion limitations make them very difficult to place.

This humble and beautiful couple create a home for children for whom an institution would be the only option. And in that home they create a place of love and respect and kindness, a place where children can grow up knowing they are safe, loved and cared for.

They create a place every child deserves -- and which so many do not find -- a place where love lives.

I am excited. This afternoon Bev and Larry are dropping by my office and I will meet Bev for the first time.

I am excited because in every conversation I've had with Bev on the phone, I've been touched by the brilliance of her spirit and the loveliness of her heart. She always leaves me feeling inspired and believing in the wonder and beauty of the human spirit.

And that's what's so wonderful about this story. it is about the human spirit and its capacity to open up to the divine within.

In 'real world' terms, it isn't fair that after 34 years, two brothers meet and one is dying of cancer.

It isn't fair, yet, it is what is. It is what is happening.

And while it could be expected that they could rail against the unfairness, they don't. They accept with gratitude this time they have. They are making the most of what is, grateful for this chance to spend time together -- for however long that time is.

They are letting their spirits shine and leaving the rest to God.

They are being their most incredible and beautiful selves, and in their being, they are living proof of the divine within shining brightly in the world all around.

I am meeting a woman and a man today who in their gentle and humble way express all that is magnificent of the human spirit.

I am grateful.

May you have a brilliant day creating a world where your beauty resonates in the world all around.

I won't be online over the weekend. It's a Choices weekend and I am coaching.



Fiona said...

May you have your own beautiful day with that spirit of yours shining for all those who come in contact.

Hugs, Fi

Maureen said...

Give them all an extra hug for me. Have a glorious weekend.

nance marie said...

thanks for this.
i am glad to have met terry through you.

Hope said...

what would the world do without people like the two you have described?
Have a wonderful weekend, Louise!

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that I happened upon your site again today (via an old post of mine) and find an update on Terry who I had read about so long ago when you had written previously about him. And then to find that he's been reunited with a brother after so many, long years. Wow!

So very touched by his story and the turn of events that have transpired.


trisha said...

beautiful stories louise. thanks for sharing them with us.