Thursday, May 5, 2011

Magic night

The party's over -- and what a party it was!

175 guests joined with us to celebrate the launch of WHERE and our short-documentary, Standing By.

It was a huge success.

And I am tired.

And I am going back to bed.

I'm still processing. Still taking it all in. It went off so smoothly it was like a dream.

And did I mention, I'm tired?

It's the let-down after the enormous build-up to the event. Having been so focused and directed on both the creation of the book and then the launch event itself, I feel somewhat adrift. Cast-free.

It will take a few days to process but for now... I am very, very happy.

It went extremely well.

A couple of highlights. Both my daughters were there as was my eldest sister. My friend BA flew in from Vancouver, and C.C. from Saskatoon (I have to get him to the airport this morning). So many friends and well-wishers turned up it was an absolute delight. My other sister flew in but her flight didn't get in until later -- but it was still wonderful to see her there.

...And the 'readers'.

We included a segment on the program called, "Three Words/Three Writers.

Brian Norman was delighted to share his poem, Silence, which was fabulous. he couldn't quit thanking me for including him (it was a blessing to have him there) and he couldn't quit commenting on how he'd never been published before.

As each author read, the two large screens on either side displayed their Word, and the photo from the book.

My eldest daughter Alexis also has a piece in the book. Invisible. It was so wonderful to stand and watch and hear her read her touching story about sharing a hug with a homeless man in Vancouver. it did my mama bear heart good!

And then there was Grant Fischer. Grant turned up and turned it on! He read his piece Addiction and you could have heard a pin drop in the venue as he read. Powerful. Moving. Disturbing. Compelling. He cried and so did people in the audience.

And when he was done, his brother came across the room, put his arms around him and they clung to each other. And for a moment, they were just two human beings standing heart to heart in a room full of people who watched and felt their hearts melt in the pure joy of the moment.

It was magical.



It was a night to remember. A night to cherish. To savour. To hold dear.

And as I started my speech, I remembered your advice. Breathe. Slow. Sunflowers smiling in the sun. Smile. Breathe. Slow. Smile.

and so I did. Breathe. and feel my pulse beating a slow steady beat and smile and breathe again.

And when it was over, I kicked off my heels, sat back and sighed a happy sigh. Ten of us got together at one of my favourite downtown restaurants and shared an amazing meal and champagne and laughter and love and everything grant.

And you were all there! Thank you my friends. I carried your words and support with me throughout the evening.

We rocked!



Reflections said...

Bravo on a fabulous success.... now take a few moments to rest the soul.

Maureen said...

Really happy for you and everyone who made the evening a success.

S. Etole said...

breathing-in the "well done" with you ...

nance marie said...

thanks for the party news!

Fiona said...

So wish that I at least lived in the same country so that I could have seen you in action.

Congratulations on your amazing success

Hugs, Fi

Louise Gallagher said...

Thank you everyone! Someone asked me today if i felt 'let-down' and I told them, no, just really tired!

And relieved. I'm not constantly scanning through my head 'things I might have missed!'

Hugs to everyone

Josie said...

A wonderful report! When everything falls into place just as it should, you know that you are doing the right thing. It sounds like a magical night for all involved. Now perhaps a little time to just breathe. :-)

trisha said...

hope and pray you hold many more parties like this and bigger ones.