Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 21st has come and gone.

It came. It went. May 21st. The rapture. The last day. Doomsday.

It didn't happen. But it's still coming -- at least that's the latest news. October 31st this time. We've been warned. It's time to prepare ourselves.

What May 21st did bring was an anniversary. One I didn't even notice until the next day when it struck me -- May 21st. That day has significance for me. What is it?

And then I remembered.

May 21st. 9:14 am. A clear blue sky day when my world changed from dark and gloomy to possibility. Maybe I would survive. Maybe I would be free of the past. Maybe I would smile again.

It just took one moment. One event to change my world for the better.

On May 21st, 2003 at 9:14 a.m. a blue and white police car drove up and I got the miracle of my life. Two police officers stepped out of the car and arrested a man who I believed held my destiny in his hands. I believed there was no other place for me than in his unholy arms.

and then, he was arrested on that morning eight years ago and I was set free.

I thought I'd never forget that morning. I thought I'd never notice that date's passing without being reminded of those dark days.

For all the hype, for all the news attention, I never connected doomsday to those events. I never connected the calendar date this year to that occasion.

Healing is a gift that sweetens with time.

I am blessed by the sweetness of my life today.

I am blessed to have had eight years to heal and to know -- no one can ever take my dignity, my hopes and dreams, no one can ever tell me who I am -- unless I give them the power to do so.

Once upon a time, I was lost.

Today, I am free and in my freedom, the memories of those days fade as I joyfully embrace living this one wild and precious life in the rapture of now.

I have heaven on earth today when I live fearlessly in Love -- moving with grace and ease as I let go of limiting beliefs that would have me standing in the dark, fearling the light of day.

I am living in the light today. Living large and loving who I am, where I am, what I am. I am loving this life of mine and cherishing each moment as a gift, knowing it is my gift to share, to create, to enjoy.

May you live today filled with the knowing you are a child of God, the divine expression of amazing grace.

Whatever tomorrow may bring, today is ours to fill with wonder, to live in Love.


Maureen said...

A day begun in pain but opened into infinite possibility is a day to remember with joy.

Anonymous said...


wow .. eight years!

I remember meeting you, about 5 years ago this June - you were just as clear and cheery then, but so very raw

as your friend and a frequent reader I have seen no better example of grace-ful living than I have seen in you

keep up the healthy-head stuff!


S. Etole said...

what a delightful "rapture" that was for you ...

Bev Pettigrew said...

Louise:Thank you for choosing to turn your life around instead of being bitter and angry, when you have so much to teach others!!If only you knew the number of people your life has touched...including mine. Thanks. Bev

Anonymous said...

May 21 is indeed a day of Celebration for you! Your freedom, new friends (brought you to me!) and a new chance to build your life stronger, sweeter, richer and bigger!

Have a terrific Tuesday.
BA x

Claudia said...

wow - this is indeed a day to celebrate then!

Patricia said...

Amazing. What a beautiful gift to re-frame, re-wrap and re-experience the meaning of rapture. Thanking God for your joyful living! Blessings.

Olive Tree said...

You gave a new meaning to that silly rapture day. I like your story better. I arrived to your blog from reading Two Shoes in Texas' blog. I was very impressed with her description of your book. I have requested a subscription to your blog because I'd like to read more of your writing as you have inspired me so far just by reading some of your posts. Looking forward to reading more. Thank you.