Friday, June 10, 2011

A beautiful tribute to Terry

The email was waiting in my Inbox when I arrived at the office.

Hi Louise, we've finished the video and article on Terry. The link is below.

And I clicked on the link and I cried.

Katie Turner is a reporter with Metro News. She's young. In her twenties. And she's kind and caring and willing to learn and grow -- the best kind of human to be.

And in her caring attitude she has written a beautiful tribute and created a wonderful documentary on a humble man, a man of limited means and big spirit. Terry Pettigrew.

He passed away on May 31, 2011. But he will always be remembered.

I am grateful.



And I cry.

I recommend having a box of kleenex available as you read and watch.


You can link to her article and video HERE.


Fi said...

Louise, I read the article - what wise words from a young person. I'm waiting on hubby to fix my computer - am very distressed that I can't view this video at the moment.
I think Katie sums up the love of the DI just as you do in your posts. It sounds like an amazing place. Thanks for sharing.

Bev Pettigrew said...

Louise: We are TRULY blessed to be able to watch our Terry in 'live' motion because of the technology of today. He will be able to live on any time we want to visit... whether that's in our hearts or on screen. Thanks to those who cared. And God bless the Kleenex co!!! Bev and Larry

Anonymous said...


great posting..

I posted a link to this column/video in my Musings this morning at



Anonymous said...

a very nice tribute.
and you have a beautiful voice.

Maureen said...

DI let Terry be "home". What a gift that was to a man who shows us the meaning of being human.

Brandi said...

So touching....thanks again for sharing a small portion of Terry's story....

trisha said...

its good to have a friend like you in life. you are truly an angel.