Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fragments ( a poem)

Over at Maureen's blog, Writing without Paper, her Saturday Sharings, (My Finds are Yours) includes a link to a beautiful and provocative animated short by Freek van Haagen called Broken. As I watched, the images of the words to the poem below flit through my mind.

And so.... I let the muse write it out....


by a number

of things
indivisible courage

held fast
the one thing

he hadn't lost
faith in

God help me
he cried falling

fragments of hope
splintering on the cross

over to the other
side where eternal

grace opened her arms.


Maureen said...

Isn't van Haagen something?! Thank you for mentioning the post.

You poem is lovely.

We're in an incredible oppressive heat wave. I'm staying in, anything that needs doing that requires going outside won't be done. I'd rather write and read anyway.

Have a splendid weekend.

Jennifer Richardson said...

love this....your words
string together bits of my heart
like a paperdoll chain
and spread wide
so that I can see the beauty
and hope flutters
...thank you:)

Glynn said...

Like falling through glass, shattering. Beautiful, Louise.

S. Etole said...

Yes to all of the above ... !

deeps said...

That’s story of passion and death?
Maybe a resurrection then would have made it complete I feel :D