Monday, July 25, 2011

Life is callling my name!

Morning breaks night's blanket, the sky is clear blue streaming into infinity. outside, the birds twitter at the feeder and I wonder if their messages are worth a tweet or two!

@flying high Having a peck at sunflower seed #4531 Chickadee Lane. Food's great. Come on over. (94 char)

@earlybird Heard on the telephone wire this morning. Stay clear #356 Swallow St. There's a cat without a bell prowling the yard. (131 char)

@tweetybird New bird bath #Woodpecker Way hosts murder of crows. Way too noisy. Try 498 Falconry Lane. (101 char)

@Bluebird_of_Happiness Caught a squirrel in the feeder #531 Wren Ave. Gave him a real tweeting to! He won't be back for awhile! (137 char)

It was that kind of weekend. Lazy. Laid back. Relaxed.

Except of course for this itty bitty toothache that needs some attention. Pronto.

I am not a fan of dentist's. Don't know why not. Know it's just a state of mind that needs adjusting. That if opened up would reveal itself as an unbased fear lurking to disturb my peace of mind, to keep me holding onto nothing but 'a fear of nothing real'.

but still it exists. And still it perpetuates the myth within me that -- dentists are scary. (sorry to any dentists and dental hygienists out there. It's not personal.)

But even a toothache cannot diminish the beauty of this morning. C.C. sleeps. Marley the wonder cat lays curled up between his legs and Ellie the food motivated, 'I can never get enough' super hound prowls from office to kitchen and back again in the hope that I will get the message and give her some breakfast.

It's not time yet. Okay. Breakfast isn't until 7:30. I know she knows the time. Seriously. She's like clockwork. We go through this shtick every morning. And still she persists. Feed me. NOW. I'm hungry. Wait already.

Hope lives eternal in Ellie's mind.

On the front lawn two magpie and a squirrel peck at the grass, searching for morning grub. Two rabbits play Chase across the neighbour's lawn bounding out of my peripheral view. A man on a bicycle rides past. No hands on the handlebars. They're full as he texts on his phone. I wonder if he got the tweety birds' tweets?

And the day awaits.

Filled with mystery and lots of the unknown, it unfolds like a road leading into the future. A ribbon of possibility woven through the daily grist of life on planet earth. What will it hold? What will it reveal?

Some things are predictable.

There will be traffic on the road to work. Lighter than normal. Summer holidays have taken thousands of workers out of the downtown core. There will be phone calls and emails to answer. A newsletter to send off to the printer. A report to work on. A meeting to attend.

And some things will not be as predictable.




Need for input.

Need for advice.

Need for time.

For support.

For getting together.

In the predictability of another day breaking, I open up to the mystery of life awaiting, of a day teeming with life. New. Old. Impossible. Doable. Irresistibly intriguing. Undeniably alluring.

This is life.

My day. My way. My opportunity to live it for all I'm worth.

@new_wings_spreading - The day is awaiting. Gonna spread my wings and fly! Come on and join me. Life is calling my name! Yours too! (131 char)

Have a great one -- Life is calling your name!


Joyce Wycoff said...

Thanks for starting my day with a smile.

Maureen said...

Cute tweets. Made me smile.

Have a wonderful week.

S. Etole said...

It's always a pleasure to begin the day with the songs of the birds.

deeps said...

thats a nice way to go about...