Monday, August 29, 2011

Missing In Action

That would be Shaw Internet capability that is missing in action.

And thus.... no blog today. I'm now at my office and swamped.

see y'all tomorrow! I hope!

As long as Shaw is willing, I'll be online.


Anonymous said...

perhaps you need someone, other than Shaw, to tweak your bytes, toggle your dongles and play with your thumb drive, re-route your router

you can write just the same can't you? and publish later



p.s. did you re-cyle your modem + computer ...?

sharmishtha said...

I am back, now i will have to catch up with the works of you guys. good that i have very short list of friends :)

hope your toothache is gone for good.

lots of love.

Hope said...

hi Louise! thank you for your comments and it's nice to see you again too! hope all is well with you!