Sunday, August 28, 2011

The view from where I sit

On the east coast howling winds and pounding rain beat against the land and angry roiling clouds roll across the blackened sky.

Here, in sunny Alberta, summer's grace embraces the land in soft morning light awakening to the heat of day.

I'm not usually 'a blogger' on Sundays anymore. I post a weekly blog on the Choices site on Sundays and so give myself a break from this space.

But... I wanted to share a couple of favourite photos from the week. One, a continuation of my Ellie and Marley post is a photo of my youngest daughter who came home from work, came into the bedroom to chat with me, lay down on the bed as I sat at the desk and promptly fell asleep -- with Marley on the other end of the pillow.

The other photos are 'a view from here'. On weekends, especially if C.C. isn't here and my typing won't bother his sleep, I like to sit in bed and read and write and meditate and muse and just let morning have its way with me. I listen to the sound of the water flowing in the fountain, the chitter of the birds in the tree and at the feeder. I listen to the bell on Marley's neck jingle as he attempts to sneak up on a squirrel or a bird and fails miserably in his attempts (Yes!). I listen to the silence and revel in the pleasure of the moment.

This is my morning opening up before me. To my friends on the east coast, I pray the storm passes and life will become melodic once again with bird song and wind chimes whispering enticingly in gentle morning breezes.



Marley, the Great Cat, tired of watching me sitting in bed and ignoring him decided to take matters into his own paws this morning. He leapt up onto the bed, walked onto my lap and proceeded to press keys. Fortunately, I still had the camera beside me and was able to capture his paws -- he definitely does make working on my laptop challenging at times!


Maureen said...

Still getting rain on and off (very heavy last night) and winds have come back but we've gotten through it so far.

Love that big sun face on the wall.

Marley is like our MacDuff, who at 18 pounds is a bit much for pillow-sharing. He's perfectly content as close to our heads as possible. Never have had a Westie like him.

Have a beautiful Sunday.

S. Etole said...

I love cats and how they always have to occupy a person's space! What a peaceful scene you describe.

Anonymous said...

i like slow mornings like that too. such a treat.
sweetness in the photos.

CZBZ said...

Hi Louise!

I enjoyed the visual invitation into your private life today! How sweet your daughter looks and your kitty cat is precious!

Say, what kind of vines are growing in that picture? I didn't know you could grow vines in Canada.


(j'est teasin' ya!)

Louise Gallagher said...

Haha! Them would be Hops eh. Ya know we're canadjun eh. Me drink beer! :)

Fi said...

Love the pics and the glimpse into your world.

The sun is my favourite - my one and only tattoo (hidden from the world) is of a sun exactly like this with my children's names - because they light up my life.

What a marvellous way to spend a morning.

Anonymous said...

No only is Marley handsome, he is is so clever! BA x

Jennifer Richardson said...

the rhythm of my soul
goes melodic again
as I read your bright prose
and bask in the sunny wisdom
I find here.
wading, wading, wading in these
refreshing waters
and so glad that you