Thursday, September 22, 2011

In awe of the world

Last night was a first. I've never cooked and been accompanied by live music before. But, as I prepared dinner last night, Don sat in the living room playing his guitar. First music only (and I can't for the life of me remember the word I'm trying to think of), and then, he sang a piece he wrote, and then Alyssa joined in and they sang a few more songs.

By the time dinner was ready I'd prepared a couple of extra vegetable dishes because I just didn't want the music to stop.

And after dinner, we sat around the dining room table, watching the video of our group song from our course together on Gabriola Island.

It has been what I've enjoyed most about having Don and Alyssa here -- aside from the fact they are wonderful and beautiful people and being around them brings me joy. One of the many joys is, I feel connected to that special time, to that week at the Haven. I feel as though I'm still part of it, still experiencing it, still immersed in the wonder and beauty. Still surrounded by wonder and magic.

It is difficult to come back to a concrete, traffic jammed world where busy is the order of the day. It is challenging to stay attuned to serenity and bliss. To stay aligned within heartspace and mindfulness when all around people zip and cars zag and phones ring and rush hour brings commerce abounding with little time for soul digging.

I am a soul digger lost in space.

In the busy of the city I lose my soul digger attitude as I race to catch up to the pace of the world around me.

And yet, I know it's possible. I know that that lyrical tempo of Gabriola is still here. Still part of me, still within. I know it is here. I just need to find ways to touch it, to keep it alive, to be mindful of its presence.

And that is the challenge in a busy world. Being present to my inner world, to my mystical essence gets lost beneath the demands of what's going on outside me.

Unless I stay mindful. Stay conscious of my need to be aligned within and without me.

This morning I awoke and found an email from my eldest daughter who now lives in Vancouver. You have to promise not to share this with anyone, she insists.

I will keep my promise. But... I will tell you. I am in awe of her beauty and her spirit.

What she sent me is a recording of a song she's written.

I know she's my daughter and I could be a little biased but.... WOW!

It's a jazzy, bluesy, soulful piece that makes my soul sing because in its creation, Alexis is giving voice to her beauty, her spirit, her gifts.

And what can be better than that?

It is what we must all strive to do. Release our inner songwriter and let our voices rise above the din of traffic humming all around.

I am so grateful she shared. So grateful she created. So grateful.

and to inspire you, I'm pasting in a video I took sitting on the beach at Gabriola. I knew I'd need a touchstone, a visual and audible reminder of the place and so, one day I sat on the beach and recorded the ocean. I play it at least once a day, sometimes more, to remind myself that as I sit here, the ocean still ebbs and flows, the water still laps at the shore.

And as the waves lap at the shoreline I am reminded, magic is all around. In the din of the traffic. The busy of the day, there is always magic. Always mystery. Always the wonder and awe of life in all its complexities. In all its simplicity.

There is always my awe of life.


May your day be filled with awe of the world around you.

Song of the Sea -- turn up your audio. Take a deep, deep breath. Let it out. And another. In. Out. Slowly. In. Out. Let your body relax. Let yourself sink into stillness. Feel your muscles ease, the tension evaporate. In. Out. In. Out. Slowly. Resist the tempation to stop, to get on with your day. Let yourself fall into reverie. Let yourself be calmed by the lapping waves. The song of the sea. In. Out. In. Out.


Maureen said...

One could meditate to your Song of the Sea. Such a beautiful place. It's not hard to understand why everyone was creative in a setting like that.

S. Etole said...

What a lovely, lapping song it sings.

sharmishtha said...

have a beautiful time like you are having now.

Jennifer said...

oh beautiful (even when sleepless)
your words golden with peace
and then
you brought the sea.
oh thank you for it all
love and thanks,

Reflections said...

This ebb and flow, always soothes my inner being, but life and all its business do make it difficult to feel so much of the days.

Wonderful post. I'm glad your daughter shared with you. A blessing!