Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A night of song

I sang my song last night.

Don and Alyssa arrived at dinner time. Don and Alyssa are the couple I met at The Haven on Gabriola two weeks ago who sing together as, The Brights. They'd planned to arrive by dinnertime, and along with five others, we were ready to eat by seven.

The conversation flowed, as did the wine, the Salad Nicoise turned out beautifully -- even with Halibut instead of Tuna -- that's the thing about the prairies. Go figure. Fresh fish of the specific variety you're searching for is not always available.

And then, replete, satisfied, sated on great conversation, Don said, "So, you going to sing your song Louise."

"If you sing yours first," I replied. With a smile I might add, and my fingers crossed behind my back.

He laughed. The rest of the guests joined in. "I told the group I'd sing mine only if you sang yours, first."

"Oh it's best you sing yours first," I insisted.

But all my insisting came to nothing. He might have figured out my fingers were crossed, I'm thinking.

And so, Alyssa got her big binder where she keeps all her music, pulled out the page with the chords noted on each line. Don hauled out her cello, his guitar and we listened to them talk musically about the piece as they tuned up. It kinda sounded like Greek with a really nice Latin accent.

"What key?" (alpha, beta, delta, phi)...

"I think Eric was using a capo when he played it," Alyssa replied. (omni vincit amore)

Don looked at me. "Do you remember the key?" (ceteris paribus)

I laughed. "Nooooo. I'm not even sure I remember the tune." (a priori)

Alyssa hummed a few notes. She plucked a couple of chords on her cello.

My memory stirred.

Don started to play.

I started to sing.

And when I was done, I was happy. I'd sung this song, a song I wrote about those years when Conrad rode through my life in his red Ferrari, rampaging and pillaging with abandon and I had stood in silence as my life fell apart all around me.

In the room was my youngest daughter, Lisanne, who had lived through those years, along with my friends Nan and Jane and her husband Al who had all played pivotal roles in saving my life.

I had come full circle.

Later, Liseanne said, "Oh well, mum. He may have been a jerk (okay she used something stronger) but think about it. You've got a book, a documentary, and now a song!"

She right.

And, I've got the wonderful friends, old and new, to sing with.

Don did play and sing his song he'd written on Gabriola and Alyssa hers. She also played her song Jezzabel which I'm hoping she repeats at the concert tomorrow night.

And Nan shared an amazing piece she's written -- who knew -- as part of a one act comedy she's created called, You're Fired! I'm working on convincing her to move it along in its creative process. It is brilliant!

It was an evening of brilliance all around.

And now, I'm off. An 8am presentation to give -- did I mention the wine was flowing?

Gotta run.

But, before I go....

here are the lyrics to my ballad. Did I mention it's long? (and if I missed any of the ups and downs written into the lyrics -- my apologies -- they're my cheat notes on when to sing up or down -- very technical you know!)

Fear Lived In Her Belly

Fear lived in her belly
strangling her soul
an ancient writhing monster
fighting for control

He drove up in his Ferrari
its coat all shiny red
he flashed his gold Phillipe patek
and this is what he said

My love it is forever
I promise to be true
no harm will ever happen-
to those you love or you.

She climbed into his fast car
losing sight of land
as they drove into the sunset
of a hell she’d never planned.

Fear lived in her belly
crackling in her veins
holding onto nothing
she gave herself in vain.

She lost all sense of direction
on that ride into his hell
where love hurt more than living
and happiness could not dwell.

His eyes were dark and piercing
his words they all rang true
with slight of hand h hid the truth
of his lies beating her black to blue

Fear lived in her belly
consuming every breath
She fell into the darkness
and swam beyond her depth.

Evil men pursue me
he whispered late one night
they threaten to take you from me
no one can make this right

She cried herself to sleep at night
abandoned all her dreams
she knew that even angels
could not hear her screams.

She jettisoned her spirit
Cast off all the ropes
that held her to the ones she loved
as she gave up on all hope.

Fear lived in her belly
screaming in the dark
forcing her on bended knee
he branded her with his mark

Trust me he commanded her
as he held her by the throat
trust me there is only this
I am running out of rope

She could not see another way
The past too far behind
the one she’d been was long ago
in her sorrow she was blind.

Her life was fading into black
his web it held her fast
she gave up on believing
love could him outlast.

She waited in the dark of day
for death to find her there
but even death was busy
taking those for whom it cared.

fear lived in her belly
tearing out her heart
peeling back her battered skin
he ripped her life apart.

and then a miracle drove up
red lights flashing bright
and took away the one she loved
leaving her to make things right.

Still fear lived in her belly
burning oh so bright
calling her into the darkness
stealing all the light.

She feared she’d never find it.
that place from another day
where she had lived and loved her life
before his evil had spirited her away.

But love lives in the dark of night
beating on its drum
calling us to awaken
to the beauty of the sun.

Fear has left her belly
the prince has paid his debt
he did his time where only time
was all that he could get.

He is still a captive
to the evil of his ways
but she is free to journey
in the beauty of each day.

There is no magic bullet
for a woman or a man
no pill to make us happy
nor ironclad foolproof plan

there’s only love she tells me
no matter the story we’re told
by prince’s who would come and go
there is only love to unfold.

Fear lived in her belly
Love lives in her soul
within his lies she found her truth
her courage makes it so.


Maureen said...

You didn't record it for us?!

That must have been such a lovely evening. And fun!

S. Etole said...

Oh, yes! We do need to hear this.

Fi said...

Ohhh....very rarely am I speechless (or wordless as the case may be here)

You constantly amaze me and I like the way Liseanne summed up the positives of your negative experience

David Rupert said...

Singing with friends is one of my favorite things to do

Louise Gallagher said...

I will share the recording Maureen -- I just have to create a file for it -- and I'm working on it :)

Thanks Susan!

And FI! :)

And David -- I'm learning to really enjoy it too! It is wonderful. Thanks for dropping by and joining in the conversation.