Saturday, September 17, 2011

Some Saturday Morning Wonder

Years ago, while working in the Hi-tech sector, I helped organize product launches where we attempted to 'out-do' the awe factor to move people into wow! Money, in those days, was never an issue. Product launches were seen as the time and place to grab market attention and run with it.

Working in the homeless sector, I sometimes forget that there is still lots of glitz and glitter out there. Still lots of shiny toys and sparkly effects to splatter against the public mindspace to create ripples of ooohs and awes and wow, isn't that amazing.

I can always count on my friend BA to send me something amazing. This video from a product launch in Berlin by Life is Good (LG) is one of those WOW! That's amazing!

I can't find the youtube link to embed so, I'm posting the link here.

This really is amazing! Thanks BA for inspiring my imagination. WOW!


Maureen said...

I've seen some of these hyper facades before. This one is a stunning combination of technology and creativity.

Joyce Wycoff said...

Wow! Way fun ... dontcha just love creativity!

Fi said...

Wow amazing what they can do these days.

Love your comment on my blog about making your life a best seller - that's what I need to do, some editing and restructuring to ensure my life story is also a best seller.

Cheers, Fi