Sunday, December 18, 2011

A snow angel in the morning

Streaks of snow fall on my iPhone
It is snowing. Soft gentle flakes floating down in a night sky turning dark to light. I let Ellie out, shovel the walk and my neighbours too. I come in, move to the back door to let Ellie in and a thought floats through my mind as gentle as the snow settling on the branches of the pine tree outside my front door.

"You could make a snow angel," the thought whispers.

I laugh, brush it aside and call Ellie in to her breakfast.

But the thought persists. I measure it, taking stock of its prompt, calibrating the depth of its desire to let go, let loose, let playfulness rise.

I laugh again. I am still in my pajamas. Oh scandalous me. I shovelled the walk wearing nothing but my pj's under my big winter coat and boots!

I'm still laughing as I pile on my coat and hat, gloves and boots and traipse out the back door.

I can make a snow angel.

I can lie down looking up at the lightening sky. Feel the snow floating down upon my face. See the trees from below, feel the air above me.

I can make a snow angel.

And I do.

and I am laughing and feeling foolish and giddy and I don't care.

I am making a snow angel.

The sky breaks into day

Looking Up

My Snow Angel
Looking down at me looking up


Maureen said...

Good for you!

A nice real-life companion piece to your poem about letting go.

CZBZ said...

I love that! You've made me smile and that's one of the reasons I love you and always will.

Happy holidays,


Louise Gallagher said...

Good point Maureen -- letting go and having fun!

Louise Gallagher said...

Awww CZ. We've been through a lot of crazy-making together CZ. So glad now we just get to be silly together without the drama of someone's personality disorder shadowing the fun!

Love you too!


Sue Ann Bowling said...

Well, I'd say you're too old if you can't get up out of the snow. Besides, it's pretty warm for a snow angel today--34 degrees, which is much too warm for Fairbanks in December. On the other hand, I bet the snow would make a dandy snowman...

Fi said...

How wonderfully carefree and fun. I so wish it snowed in Australia so I could make a snow angel.

Your joy and and abandon put a much needed smile on this ol' girls face today - thank you

Dave King said...

I loved the thoughts of the snow angel and the streak of snow on your iphone. I loved the whole post, in fact. Bravo for the thinking behind it!

jodi aman said...

I love snow angels, especially when I am down, they cheer me up! It is great to be outside and not be afraid of the cold!

S. Etole said...

Reminder of the joys of being a child. Your smile put a smile on my face1