Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Broken. In time. (a poem)

Relationships develop in ups and downs and ins and outs of two people trying to find their ground, their rhythm, their sense of who they are apart and together.

I struggle some days to find that place of equanimity. That place where the world is spinning in space and I am balancing gracefully upon its surface, my relationships in balance with my need for solitude and my desire for togetherness.

And when I do, find that place, it is often fleeting, ephemeral, whipped away by winds of change that happen along without the grace to even ask if they can blow in and push me over, down, under, or, as is sometimes the case, lift me up and deposit me somewhere I never ever expected.

Sometimes, to balance me in a sea of change, the muse visits with words of comfort, insight, inspiration. Sometimes, she drifts through gently pushing words before her, crafting images and lines of verse that only she can see where they end. My task is to follow the warp and weft of her design as I come to rest in the peacefulness of knowing, all is well in my world when I am well into being me.

And in her passing through, I am gifted with the words that comfort me....

Broken. In time.

my heart beats
in time
the steady measures
of life flying by.

the memory of flight
lifts me up
above the pain
held silently,
in time passing
me by.

wings mend
in time passing by
where I stand
searching for that place
where grace finds me
in forgiveness
and love
heals my heart
in time.


S. Etole said...

What a gift to be found by grace time and time again.

Fi said...

I read your words, went away, came back and read them again.
I love how your words make such sense