Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sticking my neck out

"Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out."
  James Bryant Conant 

I read the above quote this morning and was encouraged. 

Setting up my own business, looking for contracts, being my own boss all feels like I've stuck my neck out.

And that's a good thing. I may not be a turtle, though at the pace some things are happening I could be, yet sticking my neck out, taking risks, going where I fear to tread are all part and parcel of making progress.

Last night I met with a woman whom I am partnering with in a company we've set up -- Critical Intent Consulting -- From big picture to clarity. One of the questions we explored  last night was -- What is our critical intent?

We brainstormed and free-connected ideas and thoughts and words and eventually our conversation revolved around two key themes:  Connection and Belonging. The foundational belief of CI is that we all want to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. We all want to experience and feel safe in a place of belonging.

The thing that makes us kick up our heels and want to dance is our shared desire to inspire people to create deep and meaningful connections through our sense of belonging and the stories we tell.

We have designed our first workshop --  The Art of Story. Creating compelling stories that move people to action. Our brochure is designed, I just have to do a few tweaks and send it off to the printer and I am working on the website for Critical Intent Consulting. We've got prospects identified whom we will be approaching, and we've got one workshop under our belt -- and good testimonials from that workshop.

I'm sticking my neck out and progress is being made. 

And in the process I am saying, I trust in the Universe to be with me, to work for me, to want me to succeed. It is in the best interests of the universe that I live my dreams, that I create more of what makes this a better world, that I participate joyfully in the evolutionary process that is our world, continually evolving, continually growing in the betterment of the world.

I've stuck my neck out and the view out here is great!


Maureen said...

What an interesting name for the business. And the acronym, CIC, is easy to remember. Do you have a logo yet?

I imagine you could get quite a few corporate clients with your story workshop, which sounds fascinating.

The guest speaker at our Art Salon last night spoke of looking for her voice by paying attention to what she loved in others' work and how, ultimately, she came to understand that her "how" was in creating and, specifically, in creating change for others. She's had a remarkably serendipitous art-related career simply by saying "yes" to what came her way.

Your fearlessness that comes out of your self-confidence will serve you well. Enjoy the view!

Fi said...

You go girl, neck sticking out and all. Your plans, your goals are truly inspiring.

The quote - love it!

Joyce Wycoff said...

Wow! You are moving a warp speed. It's always so much fun to follow your journey!

sharmishtha said...

thats an an amazing and true quote. its true the turtle wont move an inch if it sticks to the fort nature has assigned to it.

all the best for your new life, it will shine as brightly as your beautiful soul.

CZBZ said...

Dear Louise,

You know how important I believing 'connecting and belonging''s fundamental to being healthy--both in mind and spirit.

I wish you the best of luck creating your new business. I hope you will succeed, wherever your dandelion spirit takes you!

(yes, I'm reading your lovely book...thank you.)


S. Etole said...

Always new things to ponder when I visit here.

Jennifer Richardson said...

BRAVO, Braveheart!
Cheering wildly in your corner,
(so seeing your neck
covered and protected and
surrounded by love....way more
secure than a shell:))