Monday, January 9, 2012

Soft touches and other changes

If you can learn from hard knocks, you can also learn from soft touches. Carolyn Kenmore 
I wrote a few weeks ago about my plants. How I've become 'the plant lady', that soft touch you send your lost and lonely, no longer part of your life greenery to in the hopes she'll give them a home.

And I do. Give plants a home, though C.C. tells me I'm at my limit. We've got enough greenery and not enough windows to give them light, he says. But I think I may have remedied that situation as my youngest daughter's boyfriend likes plants... so maybe I can share my greenery with him. Yeah Ryan!

Recently, while helping a friend who is moving to another city, he asked if I'd be willing to take on his plants. Give them a nice home, he asked.

Of course, I replied. And we packed them into three boxes, put them in the back of my car and I brought them home.

Which meant, I had to find more space, reorganize and shuffle the plants who'd already made their home in our home theirs.

In the process, I moved a begonia that I'd rescued from the home of a woman who had committed suicide two years ago (see The Plant Lady). Speaking gently to it as I carried it  from the kitchen window onto the desk in our bedroom I carefully placed it between two flowering African Violets and a lipstick plant that is just beginning to blossom. She looked happy and her lack of flowers was unnoticeable amidst the pink and purple and red around her. 

It only took a day for her to show her appreciation. For two years I have bemoaned the fact that she would not bloom. And there, the very next day, sitting in her new window, a tiny yellow blush of a flower began to appear. And it's still blossoming.

Sometimes, all it takes for change to happen is a change of scenery. 

Though, as my friend Dave said who gave me the new plants. Maybe she was just lonely. Maybe she's just happy to have friends.

I know I am. Happy to have friends. Friends don't deliver hard knocks. They always provide soft touches. Friends are the real plants of my world and I thank my friends for being here, for turning up, for being part of my journey.

You have all made a difference in my world -- which leads me to my conundrum. Writing two blogs a day is a lot (I think-- though it hasn't been that challenging yet). So, I'm thinking of changes. Of how I can still keep this blog pertinent and fresh while focusing on A Year of Making a Difference.

There are changes afoot. I just don't know what they are. And if you have ideas, suggestions, comments, I'm open to hearing them. I am looking for creative solutions on how to keep Recover Your Joy alive -- while giving energy to A Year of Making a Difference

Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...


you see, the thing with treasures is that they please you. The only way for anyone else to appreciate your treasures is to give them away.

you can get more

more orphans in need or re-hab will find their way to your door

and, since you are now in semi-retirement, would have time to write a pithy poignant piece to accompany each plant . . . giving inspiration to both the plant and its recipient, encouraging them to appreciate the gift as long as they need it, and then give it way to someone else who needs it

just a thought



Louise Gallagher said...

And what a lovely thought Mark! thanks. :)

Joyce Wycoff said...

I love knowing where to send all my plants that wilt and turn pale almost as soon as I bring them home. I've taken to planting mosaic flowers that seem to have a much longer life span.

hugs, j

Louise Gallagher said...

Haha Joyce! Send away :)

I kind of like your mosaic flowers too :) You're welcome to send any that don't have a place in your home!

Maureen said...

Plant cultivation is an art, and those who are excellent at it create a world of green, which itself makes a difference to our planet.

I was going to propose treating your newer plants as fosters: restore them to health, then make them a gift for a garden at a seniors' center or an elementary school or what have you. You'll also make a difference that way.

I admire anyone who can do more than one blog. Not writing for this one every day is one way to save some stress. Another idea might be to figure out how to combine them, so that the story that starts here and is relevant to recovering joy ends at your second blog where you narrate how the story makes a difference.

Louise Gallagher said...

Wow Maureen -- what a great idea -- re plants.

And so are you other ideas on RYJ and AYOMAD. Must mull now :)


CZBZ said...

I hesitate offering any advice says the blog lady with more ideas than time. Creating blogs is fun...keeping them up can be stressful. Especially if we're the type of women who think we can do more than we can.

Like writing a daily blog entry! I've said it before and I'll say it again, Louise: "How Do You Do That"?

So my suggestion would be to relax your schedule. Maybe posting daily on your new blog (I LOVE your idea: :A Year of Making a Difference") and then updating "Recover Your Joy" weekly. Move your link to "get updated email" to the top of your page and then anytime you post, your readers will be notified.

Sometimes we outgrow a blog, too. Quite a few people have worked through a crisis (or whatever purpose they had in creating a blog) and moved on to something new--a new blog, a new website...They plant themselves in a different environment and continue blossoming.

I still read through 'old' blogs by people. It's like browsing someone's diary (a real treasure and pleasure to read!).

Just a few thoughts this morning...and NOW I must get myself off this computer and put away the Christmas decorations!


Anonymous said...

just try writing for both blogs a little less often.
it works great.
no need to change the blogs at all.

or you could combine the two blogs...i'm going to look at the design capabilities on blogger before i suggest any more. just for fun.

maybe you could video the posts now and then. would that save you some time?

Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks CZ -- I like the idea of posting less often on Recover Your Joy -- but I'm compulsive... :) and that makes it hard for me to 'not do' :)

but I do like that idea.

Because A Year of Making a Difference is about 'one thing' everyday, I feel like I need to post, every day. And, because that is a challenge to consciously do the one thing everyday -- it is really keeping me focused on it! Which is a good thing.

Thanks again - and I hope you got the decorations put away. I so like my home with them, and then so like it when they're gone :)

Louise Gallagher said...

Hi Nance -- I think the less often for Recover is doable -- and necessary -- lol -- I am sooooo compulsive.

I love the idea of video the posts -- need to work on that one :)

I have not yet found the time a constraint, I'm more concerned with keeping both of them fresh and pertinent.

I really do appreciate everyone's input.

Need to sit down and meditate on this and see what appears.

Thanks again!

sharmishtha said...

another beauty added to your gorgeous soul.

i too love to touch, feel plants, trees, there is something in them. something magical.

love and hugs.

Louise Gallagher said...

It is lovely to hear your voice of wonder Trisha!

Thanks for chiming in. :)


Anonymous said...

you are very open to hearing the ideas that come from or through others. that is a good trait.

your questions led me to play a bit more with my own blog.

S. Etole said...

This feels like "home" so I hope it stays around!