Sunday, January 8, 2012

White Horse. Black Stallion (a poem)

I was driving along, listening to an interview on Q on CBC Radio radio. The band being interviewed was called, White Horse. I smiled when host Jian Gomeshi asked, "What if you'd been from Yellowknife?".  Seriously... Jian Gomeshi rocks.

And then, a image galloped through  my mind, "White Horse. Black Stallion."

I didn't know where it was leading but I had to drive so I let it lead itself into the quiet until I got home and a poem wrote itself out.  I love how ideas collide and mesh and evolve and appear -- an interview on CBC Radio and the fact that when I wrote this, it was the Epiphany, January 6. The fact I was thinking about my daughters and how much they've taught me and how grateful I am and how life is yin and yang, light and dark, beauty in the duality of our existence.

White Horse. Black Stallion
(a poem for my daughters)

White horse/black stallion
you came screaming
from the womb
of my maternal impulse
to create

Full of life
arms flailing
lungs gasping
you arrived
heralding the epiphany
of my being
your ride
into this world.

I nurtured you
you taught me
and I am forever

Love rode in
and my heart screamed
in pure delight
galloping like a
white horse/black stallion
celebrating the duality
of life
expressing itself
through our shared
in Love.

I invite you to listen to it here:

20120106 123739 by Louiseg88


Maureen said...

I listened to this when you posted on FB. I like how you read it; the fast pace of the reading mirrors the pace of the horse itself, and also the rapidity with which life passes.

Louise Gallagher said...

thank you Maureen -- I appreciate your comment and your support!

You are one incredible human being doing many things to create a world of difference.

S. Etole said...

I always enjoy hearing you read! Great poem.