Monday, March 19, 2012

I am my difference

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got. Banner in the Choices room -- sometimes attributed to Henry Ford or Anthony Robbins

On Saturday at Choices a woman told the group about her Choices journey. In it, she thanked two people who have made a significant difference in her life and then, she turned to me and thanked me by telling me how my book, The Dandelion Spirit, and my blogs have impacted her.

I started to cry.

Me. The person who jokes, "I do not cry in public" crying in front of a room full of people. Not pretty.

Who cared?


Other than my ego of course which wanted to hit me over the head and remind me of how to play small in the world.

I was curious. What is it within me that makes me fearful when someone thanks me and touches my heart? My resistance to accepting her gratitude and her public acknowledgement of how I've made a difference in her life, shook me up.

The thought, "I've always been like that" ran through  my head and was quickly followed by, "Does that get your more or less of what you want in your life, Louise?"

The answer is simple. Dissing someones gratitude, thanks, acknowledgments gets me less of what I want in my life. Her expression of gratitude was heartfelt and very, very beautiful. I wanted to embrace her words, and her being. She is beautiful and loving.

And I was resisting accepting her words into my heart. What's with that?

The solution is simple.

Stop It!

Of course, The Critter likes to pipe up in those moments of absolute certainty and have its say.

Ha! How you supposed to stop it stupid if you've always been like that?
You can't trust what people say anyway. You know they're just lying.
Just you wait! The Universe is going to bop you on the head if you get too big for your britches.
Show-Off! You're so conceited. You think you're so smart. You think you're so much better than.....

UGH!  I really really dislike that critter.

Then Stop It! Louise.

And I do. I remind myself of who I am, my purpose and my intent to make a difference in the world.

I am a radiant woman igniting joy in a world full of wonder and love.

I am a radiant woman igniting joy in a world full of wonder and love.

I am a radiant woman igniting joy in a world full of wonder and love.

And so it is.

I make a difference in the world.

You make a difference in the world.

We all make a difference in the world.

And when our different making is based on being our most incredible selves, in shining bright and letting others see our magnificence through our being real and authentic and grounded in creating more of what we want to see in the world, the world is full of wonder and love.

A woman thanked me and in her gratitude I was given the gift of more than just her words. My heart was broken open in love and I embraced the truth of who I am.

I am the difference I make in the world when I honour the presence of those whose lives I touch by living my truth -- I am a radiant woman igniting joy in a world full of wonder and love.

Let's all be who we truly are and make a world of difference!



Anonymous said...


you ARE someone who has made a difference

you WILL make a difference in the future

right now, YOU seem really caught up in telling the world about your committment to make a difference




But, what is all this bravado about making a difference masking for you internally my friend.

I recognize it, because I've experienced it.

You might not like this comment, agree with it of feel it is my place to comment. Perhaps it isn't.

But, as your friend ... we have a reciprocal right, don't we, to call each other on our shit?

Open up, please ... not necessarily in this public sphere, but somewhere, with someone ... and deal with the raw stuff that is really eating at you.

Something is, I'm certain of it.

With every good wish from a friend,


Joyce Wycoff said...

You do make a difference ... and all the best people cry when they're touched ... regardless of where they are. ;-)

Louise Gallagher said...

thanks Joyce! I think that is the beauty in the experience -- I do know I have made a difference. My response is based on my discomfort and distrust of being told I make a difference -- and in my response, I can grow through my awareness. :)

Thanks my friend.

Louise Gallagher said...

HI Mark, I absolutely get that you wrote what you wrote as a friend -- and I accept that what you wrote comes from where ever you are at in your journey.

My belief is that when I respond to someone, particularly if I have a really passionate response, it is about me, not them.

I am comfortable with where I'm at in my post -- in fact, I love the awareness that came to me through noticing my response to her gratitude.

My question for you is....

where are you at? Where are you coming from?

I do appreciate your opinion -- it is as always, an interesting perspective.


Fi said...

Does it matter where you're coming from with a post? Voicing what's in our heart or what we want to accomplish is often the first step towards believing.
Say it, believe it, do it!!
You do make a difference, each and every day and good on that woman for voicing it

Amerie said...

Louise! You make a difference to me. From the moment you sat down in Givers I and were a blessing in our September 2006 group, to serving with you on a Team last week.

Thank you for the laughter at Choices last week, and more than that, thank you for your wisdom. Changing my 'chair of death' to a beautiful green tape work of art sparked something in me. The way way do anything, is the way we do everything. Thank you for showing me there is a different way. Love you!

Louise Gallagher said...

thank you Fi! I sure do appreciate your difference in my life too! Hugs

Louise Gallagher said...

Amerie -- being so welcome in your group that September, and having just spent five amazing days with you -- I am reminded of why I love you so much! You are so very special in my world.

Thank you my friend! Love you too!


Megan Willome said...

I have trouble accepting that kind of praise, too.