Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The map of my heart

When I headed off to coach at Choices last week I carried with me a question from the Soul of a Pilgrim course I'm taking -- What does the 'map' of your heart look like?

As I sat in the room with the other coaches and all the trainees, listening and watching and witnessing miracles unfold throughout the week, I pondered the question about the map of my heart and Christine Valters Paintner's invitation to draw the map in the form of a mandala.

Yesterday, I sat down with my pastels and drew and coloured and as I worked on my map, gratitude flooded my senses and I was awash in its grace.

I have an amazing life. I love and am loved. I give and receive. I do and I am.

I laugh. I cry. I dance. I leap for joy and sometimes, I fall down.

And, as I did yesterday, Always I begin again.

Because coaching is such an intensive and rewarding experience, I didn't have time last week to touch my coursework. In the past, missing so many days my response might have been to say to myself -- What's the point? I don't need to do it. I've got so much to catch up on, I'll never get there. I may as well just forget about it. No point beating myself up trying to catch up....

The Map of  All the Piece of My Heart
Instead, I let the map of my heart that had been creating itself all week bubble to the top and set to work where I left off on Tuesday. Engaging in the process in a way that ensures the steps I take do not skip any aspect of the journey.

I don't want to miss what I didn't do. I want to do it all to ensure I savour each step, each moment, each bit of learning and deepening within me.

I could have picked up the coursework from the point where I am, but that is the joy of an online course! I don't have to do it according to the days of the course, I can be a couple of days behind and still receive great value.

It was a gift. To know -- it doesn't matter that I've missed a few days. What matters is that I don't let self-defeating games, or limiting beliefs keep me from re-engaging in a meaningful way with coursework that is inspiring me to always begin again.

Always begin again.

It was a great lesson in living my best. In giving my all to ensure my journey is taken with eyes and heart wide open and full of love. Letting go of my limiting beliefs I am free to experience the wonder of the world around me because my heart is held in Divine hands full of Love.


S. Etole said...

This sounds like a fun map to do. I may have to give it a go and see what I discover.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good week of exchanges.

sharmishtha said...

You are in divine hands, and that joy spills through your actions.

keep overflowing with inner beauty.