Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Transformed by beauty all around

Every moment of my life is a new adventure. Soulseeds
It snowed last night. The wind is blowing this morning, the world is a white woolly blanket. And I am warm inside.

Ellie, the wonder pooch, and I went for a walk in the snow last night. The world was silent, all sound muffled in the weight of snow falling. Halos of light glistened in the dark, prisms of snow danced in their eerie incandesence leading us every forward on our way.

The path is the Way.

We trudged through the snow, Ellie zig-zagging her way down the lane. There is no straight line to anywhere when she is off-leash, and in the quiet of the night, letting her off leash in the lane-way was a safe alternative to going to the off-leash park.

Her joy was infectious. I threw snowballs for her. She chased them and couldn't find them, running back to me to see if maybe I'd tricked her and had thrown her a curve ball. And then she ran back to where she thought she'd last seen the snowball land, always searching for new evidence, new places to run and explore, as laughing, I lobbed snowballs all around her.

The curve in the path is the Way to explore new directions.

I carried my intention of being intentional on my walk last night. Of 'noticing'. The light. The snow. The air. The feelings within me and all around me.

In my 'noticing', I realized that each step is a new step. Each step is informed by the previous, and I am transformed by each step.

It is a learning from my Soul of a Pilgrim retreat at the Abbey of the Arts.

Holding on to letting go, I am transformed by every thing.

I wrote in my journal, Travelling into the unknown, each step transforms me. In the perfection of each step, I discover myself without fear of transformation. Mystery waits in the unknown. Mystery welcomes me into the beauty of the mystery unfolding in each step.

As you journey through your day, ask yourself, "What new adventure is unfolding as I take this step?"

And then, be open to the mystery and the beauty unfolding before and within you.

I walked in the snow last night and was transformed by the beauty all around me.

May your world be transformed in every step you take today.



The Writing Goddess said...

Every day can be transformational - we only have to let it.

Thanks for another inspiring post.

Valerie Kamikubo said...

Just picturing the snowball scene with the two of you makes me smile.

Louise Gallagher said...

Thank you Bev. And thank you for what you wrote today at http://perfectlyawfulusa.blogspot.com/

You gave me pause to think and reflect and see the perfection in where I'm at because where I'm at, is what is.

Louise Gallagher said...

I'm still smiling too Valerie -- tomorrow I'm sharing some photos I took of my labyrinth -- I did not let Ellie out into it. I doubt she'd follow the circle to the centre! :)

but it was fun!

She loved the sun today and so did I.

S. Etole said...

Finding the joy in the moments is all gift.

Fi said...

I love your dog - your stories of her always put a smile on my face

Your words, your 'intentional' walking - inspirational as always

Anonymous said...

i sat with my cat on the back porch today, until a cloud went back over the sun.

Megan Willome said...

I just love your dog, Louise! She is some kind of angel in your life.

Megan Willome said...

OK. Your post just inspired a poem. It won't be up this Sunday, but next. Namaste!

Louise Gallagher said...

Yes Fi -- and Megan -- Ellie is special and she is an angel in my life! :)

What a lovely sitting on the back porch Nance.

I'm excited to read it Megan!