Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What is this thing called Love?

The Path of Love
I played yesterday. Played in the snow. Took my camera. Created photos of hearts.

And it was Fun!

It's all in an effort to explore the question I've posed for myself,  "What does Love mean to me?"

Yesterday, I read this from Andrew Cohen,

When we use the word "love," what exactly are we talking about? Are we referring merely to our unique tastes and preferences? Are we referring to our experience of deep personal bonds and emotional attachments? Or are we referring to our connection to a higher spiritual Truth? When we have an experience of revelation or what is traditionally called enlightenment, we directly taste for ourselves a kind of love that is of a different order altogether. It is a love that is truly eternal and unchanging, a love beside which all other forms of love pale in comparison. Once we have tasted its liberating and all-encompassing depth, our understanding of what love is and what it means changes forever.

Lovescapes in the Snow
Yesterday, more snow covered the ground and the labyrinth I'd created in the front yard was almost covered over.

I decided to re-create it, and in the process of walking it, respond to my question, What is Love?, by drawing myself into the centre of my 'true blue heart'.

It was a wonderful, delightful and playful exercise of intentionality marrying with creativity and whimsy.

Afterwards, I let my heart, and my creative nature run free creating LoveScapes in the Snow...

And, in the process, my understanding, knowing, embracing of 'Love' was enlightened by my path into my 'true blue heart'.

A Heartfelt Repast
I have always imagined letting go to mean 'falling'. What if letting go means flying free? Like zero gravity, what if letting go means lifting off, flying free, soaring into the unknown where I am free to explore all it means to be a loving human being without fear of falling?

What if...

I no longer chose to let gravity define my journey?

What if...

Letting go I fly free.


Maureen said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun while exploring a profound concept.

Louise Gallagher said...

Tee hee! I did! :)

sharmishtha said...

love is such a wide, expanded feeling that its impossible to define it.

loved those lovely hearts- they are fabulous.

Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks Trisha! It was fun to engage in their playfulness!

Vivek said...

Hi Louise

A very nice thought provoking post. ...looks you have a great outing. .and connect with nature. .nice pics :) .

Love is. . one and universal. .it just changes its form. ....and moreover ppl modifies its meaning..

nice read :)

tomorrow we have. .festival of colors. .called Holi. .its my fav fest.
wish you a Happy Holi :)

Louise Gallagher said...

Oh Vivek! I have always wanted to be in India for the Festival of Colours. My daughers and I are planning a trip -- and this would be a good time of year to do it.

thanks for your inspiring light!

Fi said...

I believe love is what we make it ~ so fly free my friend

Joyce Wycoff said...

How joyful was this post! The child in you called to the child in me and said, "Let's play!" What a great idea.

Jennifer Richardson said...

OH I LOVE your snowy art
...what a generous medium
for self expression!
So creative...thanks for this
sweet goodness:)