Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer of Peace Calgary 2012

It is time.

Time to awaken, to rise up, to celebrate.

Time to open our hearts, shift our minds and lift our spirits up!

It is time to put down arms without fearing for our lives and hold out our arms in love for every life on this planet called Earth.

It is time to move away from discord and unease into harmony and joy.

To move beyond self-righteousness into acceptance.

To let go of fearing our differences and embrace what makes our uniqueness in love.

To step beyond fear into the courage to act. In Peace.

It is time.

To think peace. Be peace. Know peace. In our hearts and minds, in our families and communities, in our cities and provinces, states and countries. It is time for peace in our world.

It is time.

We're making time for PEACE here in Calgary. June 22. We'll be pounding the drums. Feeling the beat and heeding the call of Peace.

Inspired by the brilliance of Kerry Parsons whose Centre for Inspired Living has helped thousands of people move beyond conflict, discord and unease into living within harmony, peace and joy, a team of co-creators has woven together a plan to unleash PEACE in Calgary.

"Drumming Up Peace!" will take place Friday, June 22 at 7pm at the Inglewood Community Centre as part of Calgary Community Drum Circles' Friday night meet-up. "Drumming Up Peace" will launch  Summer of Peace Calgary 2012 -- with song and dance and drumming and a Declaration of Peace for all to sign and commit to.

Summer of Peace Calgary 2012 is a grassroots movement embedded in the global SHIFT Network that, along with Barbara Marx Hubbard and other evolutionary leaders, is preparing for Birth 2012 -- the conscious evolution of our human species that will unleash our natural creative potential to live cooperatively with peace, sustainability, health and prosperity.

And we're excited.

Peace is possible.

Peace is necessary.

Peace is in the air and our hearts!

Peace is within all of us to give, to make, to extend, to hold onto and hold out.

It only takes one act, one choice, one decision to give peace a chance.

It only takes one move, one shift, one action to set in motion a ripple of peace throughout the world.

What's your ripple?

Will you be an agent of peace?

Will you make your difference be counted in moments of strife, or will you make your difference count in moments of joy?

Will you put down anger to take up harmony?

Will you let go of fear to embrace change?

Will you be a peace destroyer or, a Peace Builder?

We can all make a difference in how we create peace in our lives. Moment by moment we can choose to build every action  we take upon our conscious decision to Choose Peace.

Peace is possible when we let go of believing it's impossible.

Peace begins now when we let go of believing it will happen at some distant time when the stars and planets align to make room for peace.

There is room for peace in all our hearts. There is a place for peace, everywhere in the world.
It is time. To make peace, right here, right now.

It is time to shift our planet out of the way of war and turbulence and self-destruction.

It is time to make peace, today, so that we can create harmony for our world tomorrow.

It is time.

Will you act in peace today?

Will you raise your consciousness up to become aware of every step, every word, every action you take and it's ability to destroy, or create peace, love and harmony in your world?

You can. I can. We can. Make peace happen. Now.

Let's do it!


S. Etole said...

"Inasmuch as possible, live at peace with all ..."

Chrissy said...

John Lennon's song "Give Peace a Chance" is now an earworm for me!
Peace is vital to the human spirit. It helps to heal, to grow, to move on.
Count me in!

Louise Gallagher said...

It is a powerful choice Susan -- to create peace and let go of .... everything else!


Louise Gallagher said...

yeah Chrissy! I'll keep you informed -- sure hope you can be there on the 22nd. I will be such fun and even better with you on board! Hugs.

Ruth said...

The conscious evolution toward peace is contagious, and will spread with ease (like, but unlike, disease) as people keep praying with their lives this way. Thank you.

Louise Gallagher said...

What a lovely description of the power of peace Ruth.

Thank you! Hugs

Feeling great ease this morning.