Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In this sacred space

We met, six peace-makers in a room, plotting, scheming, designing peace. It is all in aid of Summer of Peace Calgary 2012 which kicks-off Friday night at Drumming Up Peace!

I won't be there. C.C. and I will be in San Francisco for a long-needed and joyfully anticipated break. And that's good. For in the hands of my fellow peace-makers, Drumming Up Peace! will unfold and we will launch a grassroots movement to create a million acts of peace.

As we plotted, the muse awoke and created a song of peace. And as we stood in our closing circle, I knew -- peace is everywhere. Like love, it is limitless. It is just we humans who forget how to connect to that which brings us peace... Love.


S. Etole said...

What an incredible view and viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem. I love your poems!

Jennifer Richardson said...

i love your peace-making heart:)
beautiful grace to you,