Friday, November 14, 2008

One degree of difference

At 211 degrees...water is hot. At 212 boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And steam can power a locomotive. And, it's that one extra degree that... Makes all the difference. Mac Anderson, Founder, Simple Truths
In my life, there have been moments when I have 'run out of steam'. Quit. Given up. Given in. Petered out.

And, there have been moments when I have been fired up, charged, on fire, forging full steam ahead, firing from all cylinders.

The difference between running out of steam or steaming ahead has always been made by my attitude and the energy I expend towards creating more of what I want in my life.

Last week, when I was unpacking the 5,342nd box (okay so I exaggerate a little bit) I wanted to give up, give in, forget about it. I surveyed the boxes and papers, the disorganization and told myself, "What a mess. What a disaster." I wanted to leave the room and pretend I had nothing more to do. I felt discouraged. There was so much to do!

The reality was, the work had to get done. I could look at it as a grind, or look at it as something I wanted to do because in doing it, I was creating more of what I want in my life. Peace of mind. Chaos is disruptive to my peace of mind. I had to BE committed to DO what it takes to HAVE what I want.

I had to unpack to create what I want in my life, the kind of environment I want to live in.

My attitude while unpacking was up to me. Disgruntled or contented? My choice.

If I chose disgruntled than I was resigning myself to a day of staying at 211 degrees. I was committed to keeping myself just below the boiling point, burbling along like a volcano not quite ready to blow, as I tore boxes open, hefted books and nick-knacks out with unseeing eyes and uncaring hands. Focused on my distaste of the job at hand.

If I chose contentment, I had to choose to go the extra degree. To fire up my imagination and creativity as I focused on the space I was creating, the energy I was imbuing it with and the atmosphere I was surrounding myself -- What did I want -- an environment that reminded me of what a drudge it was to create, or a space frothing over with creativity possibilities?

Changing my attitude fired me up. It charged me with energy. It propelled me forward into creating a space worth living in.

My attitude was the extra degree. It made all the difference to my world.

My attitude is my choice. It always is.

The question is: What kind of choices are you making today? Are you staying just below the surface of creative potential, unhappily churning over all that is wrong, all that isn't working in your life today? Or, are you going the extra degree to create a world of beauty? Giving it your all as your world explodes full of creative possibilities making your dreams come true.

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