Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Dance of Life is always flowing

I went to my CoreConnexion Monday night workshop last night. Have I mentioned before how much I love 'the dance'? Dance is life to me. It moves me -- in oh so many ways. It fills me up. It empties me out.

And last night was all of that and more.

On my A Year of Making a Difference this morning I write about how going to dance required suppleness and flexibility -- which made me happy not only because suppleness is my word for 2012 but also because it reminded me of the importance of taking care of me!

During the session last night the invitation was to move out into the space and then, to move into a smaller space, for all 12 of us dancing to move into one half of the room and then a quarter and to explore how that made us feel. How did we hold our own space while honouring the space of others?

As the space grew smaller I thought of the walls of my 'comfort zone'. Those not so comfortable, yet often impenetrable blocks of invisible steel that keep me playing small, moving carefully, looking out for danger around every corner.

The dance is a reflection of life. In that confined small space we had to flow around each other, shorten our movements, bring in our extensions so that we didn't bump, grind, jostle each other as we danced. Dancing in the small confined space required a keen focus on where the others were, what they were doing and how what they were doing could, or might impact what I was doing if I didn't carefully proscribe my doing to fit their movements.

Like life.

I get inside my comfort zone and carefully maneuver my way around other people, obstacles, ridges and chasms to keep myself from falling over or under or between the cracks. Inside my comfort zone, I tell myself I know that what other people do can't hurt me -- because I'm not doing anything to disturb them. And when I am hurt, as inevitably happens in life, I contract further into that zone where I am neither alive or dead, dancing or moving. That place where, to keep myself safe, I become the walking, breathing dead.

And there's the rub. No matter what I do, inside or outside my comfort zone, I have no control over other people -- their being or their actions in the world. The illusion of safety inside my comfort zone is just that -- an illusion.

I am safest when I am dancing through life, arms and legs extended. Feet pounding to the beat of my heart racing for joy at the freedom and aliveness that comes with being connected to my body, slipping gracefully through the knots where I am interconnected to others.

It was an awesome dance last night. An enlivening experience that brought joy and laughter and peace to my soul and wisdom to my heart.

There are no walls. There is no box. There is no comfort zone.

There is only the Dance of Life. This intricate, delicate and sacred space where each of us step. We can crawl. We can leap. We can soar. And always, we must dance.

Why not step it up? Why not step outside the box of your illusions and get dancing in the flow of life?

Why not just dance and let the steps lead you beyond your comfort zone into life with no holds barred?



S. Etole said...

So easy to envision the abandon in which you dance.

Anonymous said...

you all could do the funky chicken...
or the boogaloo...
have you ever done the hokey pokey?

Fi said...

Dancing is challenging for me, I often feel like I have two left feet. I also sound like a strangled chook so refrain from singing as much as possible LOL