Monday, February 20, 2012

What if... better is possible?

Yesterday, I helped out in the Givers 2 room of Choices, the life experience/personal development course I've been part of since first taking the seminar in April of 2006. Before taking the seminar, I'd only known one person who'd gone through it. My high school friend Mark W. He kept wanting me to go, and I kept saying, ask my friend Nan. And he did. And Nan went and when she finished the first five day segment of the training she asked me to go. And, because Nan once saved my life (it's all part of The Dandelion Spirit), I did go. For her. I didn't need it for me, I said. I'd done my healing time. Done my 'work'. But she needed my support, so... I went.

And discovered... I did it for me.

And in doing it for me, my life got even better, my healing even deeper, my sense of me strengthened, my understanding of who I am and how I am in the world expanded, and... my relationships became even more loving. And in my going, other's I love went and my world got brighter and more loving because their worlds expanded too!

It can be scary to think about 'change'. To think that maybe there is a 'better' out there. And then, our facile minds leap to the fear of -- but what if it doesn't work for me? What if where I'm at really is the best I can do, or be? What if, this is as good as it gets?

If better is possible, is good good enough?

We are evolutionary beings in an evolutionary world. Change begins with the moment the seed of our birth is planted in the womb of our possibility. And change continues, every moment of every day -- whether we want it to or not.

Why then, do we cling to not changing? Why does our resistance to look at what is, or isn't working in our lives, increase when we are invited to see that all things, including ourselves, change, with or without our permission?

What is it we are clinging to?

For me, getting to a place where I was 'ok' with who I was, where I was comfortable with being me meant that thinking about changing was scary -- what was beyond my comfort zone? What 'more' was out there? I couldn't see it so, I resisted it. Clinging to the belief, "I'm doing my best," kept me from seeing I hadn't even touched the edges of my capacity of 'my best'. My limiting beliefs of what I was capable of in this world kept me from seeing all that I was/am capable of in this world.

And reality is, those limiting beliefs still trip me up -- they just don't control me like they used to because when they appear like tiny speed bumps on my road, I change the words I use to describe them.

Someone once said to me, "Living on purpose is hard."

Where does that thought live, I asked.

In my head, they responded.

What if you change your thought, I asked. What if you simply choose to think and say, Living on purpose is.... fun, easy, wonderful, exciting. Whatever it is.

In You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay writes, "It's only a thought and a thought can be changed."

What if... it's your thinkin' that's stinkin' and not your life?

What if... you could change your thoughts and change your life?

Think about it. What would be different in your world today if you stopped thinking about not changing and embraced the idea -- You cannot change or heal what you do not acknowledge?

What if... better is possible?



Maureen said...

I agree that "you cannot change or heal what you do not acknowledge." In being honest, we open our eyes, and then we see.

Anonymous said...

we like change,
and yet we don't.
what a conundrum.

S. Etole said...

Always eye-opening to come here!

Fi said...

Love this - "What if... it's your thinkin' that's stinkin' and not your life?"

So many messages and so many truths in this post - I could of copied the whole post into this little ol' comment box to reinforce how much I agree with it but that would be kinda dumb.

So simply - ditto, love your thought process